HahaSmart's Integration takes the GoodLeap

Chase OliverDecember 8, 20224900

In one of our most recent blogs, showcased how you can apply for a loan online and using our portal. We mentioned how you could soon integrate and connect your GoodLeap account to 

Well, now it is here. Before continuing to read this blog, we suggest you check out the previous blog about GoodLeap’s latest integration with HahaSmart. Instead of clicking on HahaSmart, use your GoodLeap API token when you apply for a loan.

First, we have to connect your GoodLeap account with You need to click on the front page tab on the homepage. Once you do, click on the company profile.

Once you scroll down, you will see all the finance integrations we work with below. 

Right now, the linking account is in its beta stage, and the only company you can connect with HahaSmart is GoodLeap. Follow HahaSmart on social media to learn more when we make these updates. Now let’s click learn more.

Once you’re done filling out your GoodLeap account info, our team members will help you verify and customize your account settings. After that, your Goodleap will be connected with HahaSmart, and you can choose to use your finance channel when you apply for a loan for your projects. 

We are also offering a special deal as integration for GoodLeap with HahaSmart. You can integrate your account for completely free. Other software companies charge you for integrating your finance account. Though right now, for a limited time, you can add GoodLeap at no charge. Be sure to contact HahaSmart Customer Service for any questions.

Follow HahaSmart on all our social media platforms for updates on these features. Have any questions? Contact our customer service team at 818-921-6015

Want to get started with HahaSmart? Call 818-743-4524 or email us at

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