Solving Escalations from A-B

Chase OliverOctober 31, 20223510

HahaSmart has made another improvement to our website, and now with the latest updates, you will learn the nice new design changes we have made.

First off, what you’re looking at is our old view of our HahaSmart and now look at the gif down below.

You can see how the view now has two colors highlighting the projects. One is blue, and one is orange. These two colors signify the type of project, whether it is A-Type or B-Type. A-Type projects mean you’re getting finance through HahaSmart, but you will be doing the install done yourself. B-Type is when HahaSmart funds and installs the project for you. This change helps you, the EPC, to keep track of and manage your projects efficiently. 

The reason for this change is not just to highlight the type of project but also for escalation. You can see the red and green dots on the screen. The red dot means this current project is in escalation. The finance company or the EPC could cause the escalation. Failing to respond to the escalation case can cause a project fund charge back from the finance company.

Below the cashflow program tab is the  Escalation tab; you can manage all your escalations, for the ones still in progress to the ones completed.

If you want to know the project's status with escalation, click on the grey button to see the HahaSmart support team. If you have any questions, this group of people will be with you from start to finish, and in the future, you can reach out to them without the chat feature. Please read our latest blog to learn about those updates.

If you see a green dot on your project, you will see that escalation has been completed, which means your project issues have been resolved. However, you can still reach our customer service team if you have any questions.

We find these updates critical in keeping up with communication with finance companies and EPCs so that projects can get done more timely and efficiently.

Follow HahaSmart on all our social media platforms for updates on these features. Have any questions? Contact our customer service team at 818-921-6015.

Want to get started with HahaSmart? Call 818-743-4524 or email us at

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