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Chase OliverOctober 19, 2022 733 1

We have made a new update to our contract page. These updates are always designed with the user in mind. What you see is the old view, but our new updated view condenses it to one page.

Now you can see the interface is much smoother and easier to navigate. We want to make sure navigation is simple. But the best part is you can move through the many different tabs. As you move through these tabs, the important info about the project stays on the top. On the right side is the status of your project. 

The project info tab gives you details on the project. This tab shows the system size, panel, and battery information.

The attachment tab is much more smooth than before. There are plenty of blogs you can check about uploading documents, but this new attachment tab makes dragging documents easy. The cool part is you may notice the nice new list view below so you can keep track of all your documents.

As you can see, it takes less than a second to upload your documents. With the list view, you can quickly download and delete the pdf for your project.

Once your documents are uploaded and the design gets approved, you will notice the right side of the status bar is ready for you to upload the permit. In the past, you would have to leave the page to upload the permit, but now you can just do it at the status bar.

The notes tab is still being updated, but this is more of a messenger-based system where you can write messages between you and your team. This is still in development, and be sure to follow HahaSmart’s blog when we update this feature.

This project payment tab will let you know your commission and will be only visible if you’re in a specific role. So information will be only available for a few parties, and you won’t have to be worried about people seeing the same information. 

The Change order tab keeps track of your change order history. To make a change order hit the green change order tab. Read our blog about Change Order to learn about this excellent feature.

When your change order request is submitted, you will see the changes take effect on the right side of the status bar for you to update the change order request or upload the documents you need.


The final status we want to talk about is the request funding. We also did a blog on this feature that you can read that will teach you how you can request your funding. Though you don’t have to enter a new tab, you can stay in this tab and get everything done here.

This new page and flow of the tab is a one-of-a-kind experience that we hope will make it easier for EPCs in the future. 

Follow HahaSmart on all our social media platforms for updates on these features. To learn more about HahaSmart, call 818-743-4524 or email us at

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