HahaSmart's time at RE+ Event

Chase OliverSeptember 29, 20225520

Last week HahaSmart attended RE+ 2022 as we teamed up with our sister company Fortune Energy to participate in the RE+ event. Representing was Lourdes Alvarez, Project Manager; Scott Maxson, Business Development; and Chase Oliver, Marketing Associate. These three interacted with many customers and connected with many prospective customers.

On day 1 of the conference, HahaSmart hosted a coffee hour at our booth. The coffee was a needed pick-me-up as we saw many people come to our booth to grab some pastries and coffee during the long conference. 

Scott Maxson, part of our business development team, interacted with many customers. He ran into a customer who was asking for him by happenstance. Scott had this to say about his time at RE+.

“I was blown away at the size of the RE+ Show and the professionalism I witnessed by the Exhibitors but also the 100's attendees I spoke with during the event!

I am back in the office with a fresh new perspective, a long list of people to reach out to, and contractors that I am already working with that can't wait to register with HahaSmart!”

Project Manager Lourdes Alvarez talked to numerous customers about the opportunities EPCs can have with HahaSmart, and helped those who visited learn about the benefits of partnering HahaSmart with Fortune Energy. 

We don’t know what the marketing associate Chase Oliver was doing. He was there to take pictures and film videos, but he seemed to have had a fun time with another company's mascot. We are unsure if he got any work done at the event, though he said, “This event was an eye-opening experience of where the solar industry is at.”

HahaSmart also connected with some of our financial partners at the event, such as Sunlight Financial, Goodleap, Billd, and Service Finance. It was great to connect with them and learn more about the new opportunities they will present to the HahaSmart platform.

HahaSmart’s mascot couldn’t make the trip, but Fortune Energy was excited to say hello to Fortune the Panda. Fortune had a great time at the event, meeting many of our clients and even dancing off against other mascots.

HahaSmart, thanks those who came by to say hello at our booth, and we look forward to seeing you early next year at Intersolar in February 2023. 

For updates, follow HahaSmart on all of our social media platforms. To learn more about HahaSmart, call 818-743-4524 or email us at

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