A New Cover to the Contract

Chase OliverSeptember 12, 20223790

EPCs can now expect a better way to communicate with their customers. HahaSmart has an excellent contract tool that allows you to create your own contract. However, we want to be fully transparent with customers on which solar software design tool you’re using.

You may have noticed a new cover page on some GIFs if you saw a previous blog about change orders. This cover page is designed so that customers know who is helping you complete your projects.

You can see the cover page by creating a new contract or clicking on a current project. We will look at the cover page by using this test project. 

When you see the new cover page, the top right will have your company logo. If you need help uploading a company logo, refer to our recent blog. Then it will have all the necessary information the customers may want, but it will have’s branding.

We want customers to know what software you’re using, and we want people to know that you’re using one of the best and most trustful solar design offices. We hope that adding a new cover page will help with any communication between EPC and customers.

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