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Chase OliverSeptember 1, 20225840

HahaSmart gives the EPC all the tools to make sure projects can run smoothly and effectively, and with our change order feature, you can make sure every project is successfully installed.

Change order provides a quick and easy way for EPCs to change the project cost. You can either add or remove costs. Once you’re done making any changes, it will appear on the contract, and you can update this at any time during the order. 

So let’s get started on how you can use change order.

You can see the change order tab when you click on any project. Click on the change order tab.

You will be taken to a page where you can update the general information on your solar project. 

As you can see in the project, we quickly changed how many solar panels we needed to complete the project. When that is done, before submitting, we suggest you hit preview to see the changes reflected on the contract. Now we will look at the cost adder.

Say you notice that not only do you need more solar panels, but there is a tree in the way of your project. Well, when you click on the cost adder on the project. Place the price, and before hitting submits, click preview. Once you like the contract, let's hit submit.

Once you submit, you will be on this page where you can either keep editing the order or cancel the change order. For it to get approved, you need to get the new contract signed by the homeowner.

You can view your contract by clicking the PDF icon. This icon let's you view the contracts and the amended changes. To let the homeowner know of the new contract, you can hit the mail button so it can send right over to them. Once you're finish hit the cloud button and upload 

Remember, this feature is not only for adding products but subtracting products or changing supplies that are needed. For an in-depth breakdown of this, visit our project management tab for the entire training document.

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