Accessing HahaSmart's Document and Contracts

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In a previous blog, we discussed how you could get started with In this blog, we will be going in-depth on our documents and contracts available on HahaSmart. Accessing the documents gives the contractor the best experience with HahaSmart’s platform.

On the Document Template page, you can view all the different contract proposals that HahaSmart offers. You can electronically manage these contracts here. If you click on the signature template tab, it brings up a form you can fill out.

This page is where you can manage your e-sign. This makes it easy as you will have a signature for all contract proposals. We will be going in-depth into the documents in future updates. For your project, you can choose the documents and contracts that fit your needs.

The proposal template is prefilled template that you, the user, can use. Each proposal template is a different design that fits your business needs.

When you click on any of the five proposal templates will give you pre-designed PDFs that you can use to propose your contract to the customer.

HahaSmart also offers many different contract templates for you to use, but you can also design your contract. Click on the plus sign, and let’s hit add the contract.

Here you can make your contract. You can fill in all the info that you need. This Contract is fully customizable. You can edit the contract's terms if you hover over the section.

When you click on Edit, it brings you a text box where you can edit that sections. This allows you to set the terms and agreements of your contract. You can always cancel your changes or delete a team.

Once you’re finished with all the edits, you can scroll down to the bottom of the contract and hit the create a new template. 

When you get to the document page, you can see the new contract on the document page. You will see your five most recent agreements on the contract page. You can even edit the contract you just made to make any changes that need to be made.

You can download these contracts and delete the contract templates that you create. 

The Quick proposal template gives you a quick and fast way for you to get a proposal approved with pre-approved materials that you can use.

Now that we went over the primary documents you will be going through on HahaSmart let’s go back to the active pipeline page so we can show you how to access the documents on that page.

We are going to be looking at the top test sample project.

On this page, you can make edits and changes to the project. Once you finish the steps of getting your proposal done, you can view your submission and contracts by clicking the PDF tab.

This will take you to a page showing you all the proposal templates, contracts, and customized contracts you may have created. 

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