Getting Started with HahaSmart Solar Software

Chase OliverMay 26, 20226411

Getting Started

HahaSmart is a free solar tool that gives you the contractor a free easy-to-use tool that gets you jobs faster. With the ability to be approved in minutes and a quick, and easy-to-use interface


HahaSmart will make tackling any project easier for you. Creating an account for HahaSmart is free and easy to do once on the home page you will have access to your own back office. HahaSmart gives you a variety of options and everything in the back office is easy for you to manage. You can check on your active pipelines, manage cash flow, and much more in the back office. To get started using HahaSmart click the plus sign to get started on a new project.

Adding a New Pipeline

Adding a new pipeline is simple as you first either add a new prospect or a prospect that is in the system. You first enter the new customer’s name. Afterward, enter your project type. The options given to you are 

  • Residential
  • Commercial 208v
  • Commercial 480v
  • Non-Profit

After choosing the project type select your address. With the map feature, you’re able to see a street view of the location of the property. With the map feature, you can hit the box on the top right to enter a full-screen mode for full control of the map. You can use the plus and minus feature to zoom in and out of the area. Though if you grab the person and put him on the street you can get a full 360° view of the street and the house.

Once done looking at the area you will enter your contact information. You can either save your pipeline to edit in the future, save and make a proposal, or hit a quick proposal to see if this project can get approved right away. Once you save your new pipeline it will be on your homepage with your 5 most active pipelines. If you want to view all the pipelines you have made you can click on the active pipeline page to look at all your pipelines past and present.

On this page, you’re able to click on these pipelines to learn about the information as well as edit the pipelines on this screen. Clicking on the green pencil allows you to edit the pipeline. As well, you can also submit your pipeline as a proposal, write notes and label your project. These features are just the beginning of you using HahaSmart’s back-office tool. 

For updates follow HahaSmart on all of our social media platforms. To learn more about HahaSmart, call 818-743-4524 or email us at

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    Nice! We need this for our team!

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