Black Solar Panels Vs. Blue Solar Panels: Which Are Better?

Jessica PirroSeptember 18, 202027803

Black Solar Panels Vs. Blue Solar Panels: Which Are Better?

With the popularity of solar panels of rising, the solar power industry is constantly looking for ways to improve. One of the major complaints in the past has been that homeowners didn’t like the solar panel aesthetics.

In the past, most of the solar panel installations have had blue solar panels, which in the past have turned some homeowners away from getting a rooftop solar panel installation. But with the advancements in the solar power industry, they have debuted all-black solar panels.

But how do the black solar panels and blue solar panels measure up?

Blue Solar Panels

When referring to blue solar panels, it is referring to polycrystalline solar panels. The polycrystalline solar cell is created from more than one raw silicon crystal.

How It’s Made: Blue Solar Panels

The process of making blue solar panels and black solar panels are extremely similar to the making of black solar panels. The first step is going to be melting the silicon solar cells and pouring them into a vat, then are cooled to form the polycrystalline silicon solar cells. This forms distinctive grains and edges on the blue solar cells.

The way that the polycrystalline solar cells are going to reflect light, and when combined with the anti-reflective coating that is applied to them, which gives the solar panels the blue appearance and have a little bit glimmer.

The Advantages of Blue Solar Panels

More Cost-Effective

When the polycrystalline solar cells were previously considered to be inferior to the monocrystalline solar cells because the efficiency of a solar panel was lower. But, the cost-effective method of producing the polycrystalline solar cells, they emerged as the more dominant technology for the residential solar power systems,

They are Less Expensive

When it comes to making and repairing the blue solar panels, they are going to be a lot less expensive. Both the upfront and the solar panel installation costs of the blue solar panels are going to be significantly less expensive when it comes to black solar panels. The repairs are also quick and easy.

They are More Eco-Friendly

Blue solar cells are going to produces less waste in the manufacturing process when compared to the black solar cells. The manufacturing process of the monocrystalline solar cells, there is a significant amount of waste of the silicon solar wafers are going to be chopped off from all four sides. The polycrystalline solar wafers aren’t going to need any individual shaping, and not a lot of waste is going to be produced.

Black Solar Panels

The term ‘black solar panels’ are almost always going to be referring to the monocrystalline solar panels that look black. They are made from a single, high-quality silicon crystal. This silicon is going to be a higher level of purity as compared to the silicon crystals that are used in blue polycrystalline solar panels.

How It’s Made: Black Solar Panels

Black solar panels are the monocrystalline solar panels are made through the czochralski process. This whole process uses a silicon crystal seed that is then placed in a vessel or vat of molten silicon, forming an ingot of solid crystal silicon. The ingot is then finely sliced into silicon solar wafers, they are used as solar cells for energy production.

Although blue and black solar panels are produced almost the same way, the light is going to interact with a single monocrystalline crystal a little differently than they do with polycrystalline crystals. This is going to cause the solar panels to look black.

The whole process of making black solar cells is comparatively more complicated than creating blue solar cells. A significant amount of the pure silicon that is wasted in the process of producing the black solar cells, the four different sides of the silicon wafers are going to be chopped off to get the shape of the solar cells right.

The Advantages of Black Solar Panels

The Efficiency of a Solar Panel is Higher

When it comes to the efficiency of a solar panel, the alignment of the silicon crystals makes the efficiency of a solar panel higher. When it comes to getting a solar panel installation, you will normally need less of the black solar panels than the blue solar panels, and they are going to generate the same amount of solar power, which makes the black solar panels a more viable option when it comes to saving space.

They Absorb More Light

In addition to the efficiency of a solar panel being higher, the black solar panels are going to absorb more of the sunlight than the blue ones. This means that the black solar panels are more capable of absorbing more of the sun rays, which means that they are going to generate more solar power.

More Heat Resistant

The monocrystalline solar panels are going to perform better in the heat. When it comes to solar cells, solar power production falls as the temperature rises. But, the solar power output degradation is going to be less in the black solar panels in comparison to the blue solar panels.

Which Are Best?

There are a lot of similarities and a lot of difference when it comes to black and blue solar panels, the least of which are the colors and aesthetics. Here’s a little summary:

The Polycrystalline (Blue) Solar Panels

- Have a blueish tint to them, look more scattered, and have a lower quality of silicon.

- More affordable.

- Less waste.

The Monocrystalline (Black) Solar Panels

- Typically higher upfront cost.

- Needs less space.

- Has a higher lifespan.

- More aesthetically pleasing.

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