Four Solar Energy Mistakes a Homeowner Should Avoid

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Four Solar Energy Mistakes a Homeowner Should Avoid

Getting a solar panel installation is a no brainer to some homeowners, and when they decide to install a solar power system, they want to jump in! But there are some solar energy mistakes that a homeowner can make when it comes to getting a solar panel installation that is going to affect the overall return of the solar power system.

Solar Energy Mistake #1: Not Getting Quotes From Multiple Solar Installers

When it comes to getting a solar panel installation a homeowner is going to want to get multiple quotes from multiple solar installers. When doing a kitchen remodel, homeowners are going to want to get multiple quotes from multiple installers to ensure that you get the best quality products for the best prices. Sadly there are going to be some solar installers that are going to try to charge the homeowner four times the amount that the solar panels and solar panel installations should cost, which will result in a loss in the overall investment of the solar power system.

This is one of the reasons that homeowners should quote from multiple solar installers. The solar installers should breakdown the cost of each part of the solar panel installation, this way the homeowner can understand just what they are paying for, and exactly what they are getting. A homeowner is going to want to make sure that each of the potential installers that they are going to be working with considers the evaluation of the rooftop, the orientation of the home, and the current electricity bills in the estimate of the overall size of the solar power system and the solar panel installation costs.

There won’t be any two identical quotes from two different solar installers. However, the more specific with the information, the more specific and clear cut the quotes are going to be.

Solar Energy Mistake #2: Not Taking Enough Advantage of Solar Incentives

Solar panels are good for a lot more than a reduced electric bill and to benefit the environment. It also helps homeowners with taxes. When a homeowner owns the solar power system, it can help reduce their taxes with a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

In addition to the 26% Federal ITC, there are going to be a lot of other solar incentives that are available. Each state, county, and the city will have different solar incentives available.

A homeowner is also going to want to understand how the solar incentives work to avoid getting burned after the solar panel installation is complete. The federal ITC is not a credit, grant or a payment form the government. A homeowner will be able to utilize it if they have a tax liability. The credit can’t be used if the taxes aren’t paid.

The solar installer that they homeowner selects should be aware of all of the solar incentives in the area, and they are going to be able to determine if the homeowner will qualify for your solar panel installation.

Solar Energy Mistake #3: Solar Power Will Prevent Power Outages

When a homeowner installs a solar panel installation, they think that by generating their solar power will help them keep their lights on during a power outage. But that’s not the case.

When it comes to solar power systems, a grid-tied solar power system won’t work that way. Although the solar panels generate power on their own, the power is still going to be sent to the public utility for storage.

When the power goes out on the grid, it is because there isn’t any infrastructure to feed that power to your property. If a homeowner wants to protect themselves from a power outage, a small backup solar battery bank is going to store the solar power until it is needed to keep the lights on.

Solar Energy Mistake #4: Not Understanding Solar Warranties 

When it comes to warranties, all of your solar panels and solar inverters are going to come with warranties. Most of your solar panels are going to come with a linear performance warranty (these range from 25 to 30 years) and a product warranty (these range from 12 to 25 years). The solar inverters are going to come with limited warranties that are normally ranging anywhere from five to ten years.

The majority of solar installers are also going to offer a workmanship warranty, on top of the product warranties. The warranties are going to cover all workmanship issues and will guarantee that the solar power system is going to achieve the energy production that is listed on the signed contract.

The solar panel and solar inverter warranties from the manufacturers that will cover product replacement, this won’t reflect the labor costs that go hand-in-hand with fixing the issue. Homeowners should ensure that they are working with a solar installer that has a workmanship warranty. A homeowner should ask the solar installer that they select to explain all of the available warranties before they sign the contract.

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