NFL Solar Power Rankings Part 2

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NFL Solar Power Rankings Part 2

Now that we know that the NFL is going to play this season, there are a few teams that are going to be hosting a few fans. The Indianapolis Colts is allowing no more than 25% of its 67,000 stadium capacity. The Jacksonville Jaguars is allowing approximately 25% of their 67,164 stadium capacity. The Kansas City Chiefs is allowing approximately 22% of their 72,936 stadium capacity. The Miami Dolphins is allowing approximately 20% if their 65,326 of their stadium capacity. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are allowing fans, the amount is TBD but the stadium’s capacity is 65,890.

These stadiums are thus far the only stadiums that are fans this season, but they aren’t the only ones that are going to need power. There are a lot of NFL who are using solar power to cover their power needs. In the NFL solar power rankings part 2, we are going to be looking at each match up of week 1, and see who is the winner when it comes to who has the most energy efficiency stadium.

In part 1 we looked at the Houston Texans vs. The Kansas City Chiefs and The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The Washington Football Team. With the winners being the Houston Texans and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Miami Dolphins Vs. The New England Patriots

This Divisional rivalry hasn’t been a ‘rivalry’ in past years, due to the New England Patriots being so dominated, it hasn’t been much of a rivalry. But can the Dolphins beat them in the solar power rivalry?

The Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have added college standout Tua Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa made headlines when he came into the National Championship game in 2017, and led Alabama Crimson Tide to victory. The Dolphins are expecting Tagovailoa to lead their team to victory, but how is the team doing in terms of solar power?

The Hard Rock stadium hosted the 2020 Super Bowl, and the Hard Rock stadium itself doesn’t have solar panels, Florida Power & Light’s has a goal to install 30 million solar panels across the state by 2030, so in preparation for the Super Bowl, they installed 500 solar panels at Miami’s Bayfront Park. The solar panels feature bifacial solar panels that are serving as a power source for the concert venue in preparation for the Super Bowl fan fest. But the solar power system isn’t directly installed in the stadium.

The New England Patriots   

The New England Patriots are going into this 2020 season with a new face, Cam Newton. The Pats longtime Quarterback Tom Brady has a new team, and the Patriots are starting this season will NFL Cam Newton.

The New England Patriots have a renewable energy-friendly stadium. The stadium and Patriot Place shopping center have a 1 MW solar panel installation. The solar panel installation contains both standard and translucent solar panels. The solar power system is going to be paired with a wind turbine to help the stadium run on renewable energy. The solar power system is a 1.1 kW solar power system and is a great source of renewable energy for the stadium. Looks like the Dolphins are still suffering a loss.

The Winner: The New England Patriots   

The Indianapolis Colts vs. The Jacksonville Jaguars

Another divisional rivalry this opening day! The Colts and the Jaguars are going head-to-head week one of the 2020 seasons. In the past season, these two teams finished their season at the bottom of the division.

The Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts signed a familiar veteran quarterback this past off-season. The longtime Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers is going to suit-up as an Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are hoping that this season will see better performance on the football field, but how is the football stadium performing?

The Indianapolis Colts is a pretty energy-efficient stadium. When people think of Indianapolis, they think of the cold, and their mind doesn’t directly go to solar panels. But the Indianapolis Colts have a very renewable energy-friendly stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium comes with smart daylight controls and an overhead fan system to improve air distribution and minimize energy use. It also comes with a retractable roof that reduces lighting and cooling costs. They also installed energy-efficient lights and sensors that are along with low-flow toilers and a facility recycling program keeping the stadium green season-long. The stadium also added a solar panel installation to the headquarters and practice facility, helping them lower their carbon footprint even more through renewable energy.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

Last season the Jacksonville Jaguars looked promising, acquiring Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. But week one of the 2019 season, Nick Foles took a hit and broke his Collar Bone. Rookie Quarterback Gardner Minshew, got his shot and made headlines for his fun style of play. Minshew was later declared the starter, and the Jags hope that Minshew will lead them to victories this season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars live in an area with plenty of suns, but when it comes to solar power, looks like they lost this battle to their divisional rivals.

The Winner: The Indianapolis Colts

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