The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

If a homeowner is interested in getting a solar panel installation you have probably already started doing a little bit of research. Chances are you come across articles that praise solar panels and then other articles that completely bash solar power system. If a homeowner wants to figure out if solar panels are right for them, the homeowners might want to know both the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

The Advantages of Solar Energy

The advantages of solar energy are vast, and they range from environmental to economical benefits.

Energy Independence

Most people rely on utility companies to get their power. When the grid goes down, a lot of people are going to go without power for extended periods. Regardless if you are from the North, South, East, or West, some ailments are going to affect your grid. When the power goes out, residents are going to be affected, a typically aren’t going to be very happy.

For the homeowners that own a solar power system, they can keep generating solar power during the times that the grid is down. This can give homeowners peace of mind, especially if they live in an area such as California, where homeowners can expect their power to be shut off at least once a year.

A solar power system can help homeowners protect themselves if the grid shuts down, or if they want to live completely off the grid. Some homeowners like to have complete control over where and how they produce energy. With the cost of electricity rising, homeowners also find it reassuring to lock in a fixed rate for their electricity for the next decade.

Reduces Your Electric Bill

When the biggest advantages of solar energy are going to be savings. When you get a solar panel installation you will have substantial savings on your electrical bill if it isn’t eliminated. In a lot of states, the utilities are going to offer homeowners the option of net metering. This is going to allow homeowners to offset their electric costs with the solar power that their solar panels are generating.

The homeowners can then sell their excess solar power to the utility company. The utilities will typically offer bill credits to apply to the homeowner's electric bill that can then be used to offset future electricity costs.

In most states, when you get a solar panel installation, homeowners can save over $1,000 per year on their electrical bill. In California, homeowners who install solar panels can save an average of $99,181 over the lifetime of the solar panel installation.

Solar Panels Reduce Carbon Emissions

One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is going to be the reduction of carbon emissions. Because solar panels are a source of renewable energy, they help reduce carbon emissions and help lower our impact on the environment. With the more traditional fossil fuels, like oil and coal, there are direct links to pollutants such as carbon dioxide, but with solar panels, you can help eliminate some of these pollutants. Even when it is compared to nuclear energy, solar power is the front runner when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Solar panels help benefit the environment while helping the United States make the transition from fossil fuels. When looking for energy solutions to help the United States lower their overall emissions, solar panels have been one solution. Solar energy is an affordable option to help homeowners transition from fossil fuels, reducing their carbon emissions.

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy

While there are plenty of advantages of solar energy, there are a few disadvantages of solar energy that might be a deciding factor for whether or not a homeowner should get a solar panel installation.

Solar Panels Aren’t Ideal for Every Type of Roof

Rooftop solar panel installation is one of the easiest ways for homeowners to transition from solar panels. Certain roofing materials are used in older or historical homes, that solar installer will have a difficult time completing a solar panel installation. A lot of homes and apartment buildings do have skylights or other rooftop additions such as decks, that can make the solar panel installation process difficult or even expensive. In the long run, this isn’t going to be a barrier to the mass adoption of solar power in the United States. There are other options if a homeowner's rooftop isn’t suitable for solar panels. Homeowners will have the option of a ground-mounted solar panel installation or they can buy a share in a community solar panel installations.

The Upfront Cost of Solar is High

When it comes to getting a solar panel installation the upfront cost of solar panels can be high. The cost of solar panels is going to vary by state, and each state is going to offer different solar incentives that are going to lower the cost of solar panels.

There also is going to be several financing for solar panels options that will be available. In most cases, you can qualify for a zero-down solar loan, which will allow homeowners to start saving right away.

Solar Energy Storage is Expensive

Solar batteries are going to be the most expensive part of solar panel installation. Not all solar panel installations are going to require solar batteries, but if a homeowner gets an off-grid solar panel installation they are going to be necessary. If they want to store backup solar power, they will also need solar batteries.

If a homeowner wants to add solar batteries to your solar panel installation you should expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars more. If they want to buy high-end lithium solar batteries for a full-scale off-gird solar panel installation, they can expect to pay around five figures.

But lithium-ion solar batteries' high cost can be justified by along life. Most lithium-ion solar batteries are going to last 10-15 years.

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