Tips for Buying the Best Solar Power System

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Tips for Buying the Best Solar Power System

Just like every other industry, the solar power industry has tips and tricks of the trade. When making such a big investment most people are going to want to know everything there is to know about what they are investing in, especially tips that will help them find the best products. Here are some tips to help you find the best solar power system.

Find a Reputable Solar Installer

Good solar panel installations are going to start with a good solar installer. If you want to find a good solar installer here are some ways to find a good solar installer:


Your solar installer should know what they are doing when it comes to installing a solar power system. Trusted solar installers should have the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ (NABCEP’s) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification. If the solar company that you are using isn’t NABCEP-certified, run away! A reliable solar company will be NABCEP-certified professional provide quality assurance for every solar power system that the solar company installs, and ideally, a NABCEP-certified solar installer will be on every crew.

However, there may be solar installers, who have been in the solar power industry since before NABCEP-certified was formed in 2002, that aren’t certified. If the solar installer doesn’t have the certification, they will need to show that they have significant expertise. You should check the reviews of the solar company that you are interested in working with, especially those lacking the certification.

Licenses and Insurance

Solar installers should have all necessary business licenses and insurance policies, which will vary by both state and maybe local jurisdiction. Usually, business licenses for the solar installers are going to include a license for, general contracting, electrician, home improvement, or home performance contracting licenses. At a minimum, solar installers should also have general liability insurance.

The Track Record and Experience of the Solar Installers

The solar power industry is growing fast and attracting professionals from all different areas. Contractors that once focused on other areas of projects are adding solar panel installation to their resumes. When doing your research on a solar company you are going to work with has a good track record. A solar installer should be able to tell you, in detail, all about the solar power system that you selected.

Their Reputation 

Solar installer's reviews are going to be vital. The past customers are going to have the best insight on what it’s like to work with the solar company. Customers provide ratings and reviews are unlikely to be a representative sample relevant to you. The ratings and reviews are going to be a lot of unhappy customers, but if you see a pattern of bad behaviors, steer clear.

Finding the Best Solar Power Equipment

If you want to find the best solar power system you are going to want to find the best solar power equipment. Here are some ways that you can find the best solar power equipment for your solar panel installation:


Recommendations are going to be key! If you know anyone that will a solar panel installation ask them who their solar installer was, what solar panels they have, what solar inverter they are using, and what tips they offer. A lot of times the best solar power tips can come from the people you know. You can get a reliable source telling you about their solar panel installation experience.

The Warranty

Warranties are going to be something that you are going to vital for homeowners to pay attention to. Homeowners are going to want to know the solar warranty guarantees that come with both the solar panels and solar inverters. If the solar manufacturers are reputable and the solar warranty on the solar panels are going to be anywhere from 10-25 years. Most people except their solar power system to last a long time if they are going to be paying so much, and a quality solar power system should last a significant amount of time. You are also going to want to make sure that the solar manufacturer that you choose is going to be in business for a long time because your warranty is only valid for as long as your solar manufacturer is in business.

The Type of Solar Panels

Back when the solar power industry first got its start, it used to be that if you didn’t have much roof space you would need to find the solar panels with the highest efficiency. But as advancements in solar panels are rapidly advancing, so is the way that solar panels are installed. Even if you have a lot of roof space you may want to consider the size of the solar panels as opposed to their solar power output. If your solar panel installation is filled with a lot of inefficient solar panels you are going to need to add more solar panels at a later time, which you aren’t going to be able to do. You may want to go with the more efficient solar panels, to begin with.

The Efficiency of Your Solar Inverter

A Solar inverter is going to be the box between your solar panels and your appliances that is going to convert the DC solar power that is going from the solar panels to AC solar power that you can use for your homes.

Just like not all solar panels are equal, not all solar inverters are going to be equal. There are going to be certain solar inverters that will have a higher efficiency that is going to have a direct impact on the amount of time it is going to take for a solar power system to pay for itself. Be sure to look at the efficiency of the solar inverter before you purchase a solar power system. The more efficient the solar inverter is the better it is. When the efficiency of the solar inverter is higher, the less electricity is going to be wasted during the conversion from DC to AC solar power. The solar power industry-leading solar inverters for the grid-connected will have high efficiencies and good warranties.

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