Three Reasons You Should Install a Solar Power System this Fall

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Fall is a month away. Since being on lockdown, it seems like spring and summer 2020 have flown by. With spring and summer gone in the blink of an eye, it isn’t too late for homeowners to install a solar power system. Here are a few reasons why homeowners should get a solar panel installation in the fall of 2020.

Why Should Homeowners Get a Solar Panel Installation in Fall 2020?

Some homeowners can be a little hesitant to get a solar panel installation in the fall because the days start getting shorter and depending on where you live, the days get a lot cloudier. But if you are a homeowner who is hesitant to get a solar panel installation because of the change in seasons, you should know that you shouldn’t let a change in season deter your decision to install solar panels.

It is very common to think that your solar panels aren’t going to produce enough solar energy in the fall and winter seasons to cover their energy expenses. And, because homeowners' energy bills are typically lower in the fall and winter seasons, most homeowners aren’t going to worry as much about their utility bills and conserving energy, putting the thought of getting a solar panel installation on the back burner as well.

However, contrary to what most people think, fall is one of the best seasons to install a solar power system. When you get a solar panel installation in the fall, you are going to have shorter wait times for your solar panel installation, and your solar panel installation can help you save more money when the temperatures rise in the spring.

Here are 3 of Reasons You Should Install a Solar Power System this Fall

The 26% Solar Energy Tax Credit Ends in 2020

When you get a solar panel installation you are going to eligible for different solar incentives that are both federal and state level. The federal investment tax credit that can help you offset over 26% of the purchase in the form of a solar energy tax credit. To qualify, the solar panel installation must be finished and commissioned before the end of the tax year that you will want to file for. You will want to start looking for solar panels in early fall if you want to ensure that you will have enough time to install the solar power system and start commissioning before the end of the solar energy tax credit window closes.

The current 26% solar energy tax credit will be set in place until the end of 2020, so this is going to be the last year to take advantage of the maximum return from this profitable solar incentive. In 2021, the Federal ITC is going to fall to 22%. Then from 2022 onward, the residential ITC will not exist any longer, but the commercial ITC is going to stay set at 10%. If you are leaning towards using the sun’s abundance of solar energy resources into immediate energy savings, it is going to be strongly recommended taking advantage of the 26% solar ITC rate while it is still accessible for homeowners.

Maximize Your Excess Solar Energy

When you send the excess solar power that your solar panel installation generates back to the grid, you will have the ability to earn solar energy tax credits that will help you offset your high-usage months during the summer months. If your utility district does support net metering or similar energy buyback programs, you are going to receive a faster financial return, when you get a solar panel installation during the cooler months when you’re more likely to produce more solar energy that you use. When you sell the excess solar power back to the utility when it is cooler outside, it will ensure homeowners that they are available to help you offset the highest bills during the hot summer days.

Helps With the Holiday Bills

Sure solar power systems are going to produce less solar energy in the fall and winter months, but a solar power system is still going to produce plenty of solar power. The sooner you get a solar panel installation, the sooner you can start cutting your electric bill. But you are going to want to keep in mind that you may have to manage your power usage wisely. If you use more power than you used before getting a solar panel installation, you could wipe away your savings in a hurry.

You should keep in mind that a lot of utility companies are going to charge you less for your power during the fall and winter days. Though your solar power system is going to produce less solar power during the fall and winter, the amount you are going to be charged for your use from the grid is likely going to be compared to the summer months. You should manage how much energy you use wisely, and when you get a solar panel installation, the money that you are saving on utilities can go towards your holiday bills.

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