Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Solar Power

Jessica PirroJune 29, 2020 1859 2

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Solar Power

While solar panel installations are becoming more popular, more homes in America are using traditional electricity as opposed to solar power. Traditional electricity increases your carbon footprint.

But that’s not the only thing that American’s are using that has an impact on the environment. Because almost all of our daily tasks require a technological device, and these devices are going to require an electrical charge, or need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function, we need electricity to perform daily tasks, increasing our carbon footprint that much more.

But there are different ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint with renewable energy, one of the most popular beings through solar power. The sun is going to be a source of power that is free and abundant, making it desirable. There’s going to be a few different ways for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

A Solar Panel Installation

This is going to be one of the most common ways for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power is becoming more and more popular in the United States, and with the technological and aesthetic advancements that have been made when it comes to solar panels, they are only growing more popular. Rooftop solar panel installations increase the value of your home while decreasing your electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

The cost of solar panels has also significantly decreased, and the cost is continuing to fall. With the cost of solar power continuing to fall, more and more homeowners are going to want to get a solar panel installation. But even though the cost of solar panels has fallen, a solar panel installation might not be affordable or feasible for everyone. Luckily, there are going to be other options.

The Solar Energy Speaker

Now that it’s summertime, more and more people are heading to the beach, or pools (while social distancing of course). At the beach, or while hanging out by the pools, or floating the river, everyone enjoys listening to music. But Bluetooth speakers are going to require a charge. Luckily, not all Bluetooth speakers are going to require a charge from traditional electrical sources, just look at the SOL JAM.  

There’s a Bluetooth speaker that uses solar panels to charge the speakers. This speaker has solar panels on top, to soak up the sun to charge the speaker. The solar power speaker is also waterproof, making it designed for all the real-world situations it will face. The SOL JAM exceeds the IPX7 waterproof standard. This way you aren’t going to need to worry about something spilling on the speaker. The speaker also floats, so you aren’t going to need to worry about the speaker falling in the water.

The solar panels come integrated with solar panels and create a 325 mAh per hour of solar power, this will be even more power than the average speaker uses. This means you may not need to ever plug it into an outlet.

The Solar Energy Phone Charger

This is going to be a cool little invention. You can throw it in your purse, backpack or if you want, you can leave it by your bedside. This solar power phone charger is a smaller device that has solar panels that absorbs the sun’s rays to charge your phone. These tiny devices can use to sun’s solar power to charge your cell phone several times over. The device also protects the solar panels inside the device, surrounding them with silicon to protect the device, this way, if you’re going on a trip and accidentally drop the device you won’t have to worry about damaging the solar panels.

The solar energy charger also has faster-charging speeds, along with two different charging methods. You will be able to charge the device with solar power, or you can plug it into the wall.

It’s suggested to charge the inner batter when it is at 0% by plugging it into a wall, then you can constantly recharge the battery with solar power.

Solar Lights

An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is by adding outdoor solar lights to your property. The traditional exterior lights are going to require a complicated setup with wires, but with solar lights, it’s a wireless setup. The solar lights have a little solar panel on top of the lights to absorb the sunlight. Solar lights aren’t nearly as popular as solar panels, they are quickly becoming just as popular as LED lightbulbs and other smart home thermostats because they are going to be a low-cost product that can reduce your electricity bills and are going to improve the efficiency of your house.

The look of the modern solar lights is going to significantly improve the outdoor decor of the property, and you can get these solar lights for as cheap as $20 per light, and you can but them at most of your major retail stores.

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