Solar Panels in the Summer

Jessica PirroJune 2, 202011131

Solar Panels in the Summer

Summer and solar panels seem to go hand-and-hand. Summer typically means longer days and an abundance of sunshine. When it comes to solar panels that typically means a good thing. But with the sunshine of the summer, typically comes the heat, which may slow the production of solar power down. Here’s what you need to know about solar panels in the summer?

More Sunlight More Solar Power

As mentioned above, in the summer season the days are longer, which means that there are more sunlight hours. Therefore, more sunlight hours means an increase in the amount of solar power that the solar panels can produce. Sure, depending on the area you live, you are going to experience some summer storms, but the storms aren’t going to affect your solar panel installation production of solar power by much.

The prime season for solar panels will be the summer. The longer days and increased strength of the sun rays are quite favorable when for the solar power system. Most people can expect peak production from their solar panels during the summer.

What Does the Hot Weather Mean for Solar Panels

When it’s hot outside it typically means that there’s more sunlight, which leads people to believe that hot weather is favorable weather for solar panels. But that’s not the case, the hot weather can slow down the solar power production.

Yes, the solar panels require sunlight to produce solar power, heat is not required. The efficiency of solar panels is going to be 10 to 25% less efficient on the hot days that reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. When the days are hot, the efficiency of your solar panels is going to be lower.

Summer Storms

Summer storms aren’t something that you can avoid. If you live in an area that gets frequent summer thunderstorms, you know that they can roll in as unexpectedly and quickly as they roll out. These summer thunderstorms can not only cover the sun, but they can also cause neighborhood blackouts.

When it comes to solar panels, homeowners need to know that when the power turns off, so do the solar panels. The reason the solar panels shut off is due to safety precautions.

But the summer storms can also help the solar panels. The summer rainstorms are going clean off any dust or debris that the solar panels have accumulated over time. The summer storms can also know help cool off the solar panel installation.

The Hotter the Sun, The Harder the Work

When it comes to working in the heat (regardless of what is doing the work), it’s going to be harder work. If you are working out in the heat, your workouts are typically harder, the same goes for solar panels.

Your solar panels are designed specifically to absorb the sun’s rays and then they will convert the rays into usable solar power. When it is hot out, the solar panels retain more heat and the efficiency of the solar panels will reduce. But when the weather is cooler, the efficiency of the solar panels is going to be much higher.

Even though the summer days are going to be hotter, and the efficiency of the solar panels is going to be reduced, there are more hours of daylight, and the increased amount of sunlight is going to make up for the decrease in the efficiency of the solar panels.

How to Properly Maintain Your Solar Power System In The Summer

Each component of a solar power system is going to be working extra hard in the heat. But there are ways that you can ensure that you can make the most of your solar power production in the heat.

Reduce The Heat on the Solar Panels

There’s no way that you can eliminate all of the energy output loss that is caused by the summer heat, but there are ways that you can reduce the loss.

- Make sure that you install the solar panels a few inches above the rooftop. By doing this you are allowing the air to flow and cool down the solar panels.

- You should move the components, like the solar inverters and combiners into the area behind the solar panel installation that is shaded.

It is important to keep in mind that regardless of what you do to prevent the energy output loss, the hotter the day, the less efficient your solar panels are going to be.

Monitor Your Solar Power Production

Regardless of the season, you should always keep track of your solar panel installations power production. Keeping track of the production of your solar panels helps you extend the lifetime of your solar panel installation.

If you track your solar power production, you can compare the solar power systems production and you can see how much the solar power system is affected in heat, this way you can conserve energy and do what is needed, to ensure that your solar power system produces enough power to sustain your needs.

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