Make the Most of the Leap Year and Go Solar!

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Make the Most of the Leap Year and Go Solar!

Happy Leap Year!

2020 is a leap year, which means an extra day means this year to benefit from solar power. Here are some reasons for you to get a solar panel installation this year!

Solar Power Systems Are Durable

A solar power system is a static system, therefore the solar panel installations aren’t going to be damaged easily. Which is going lower the chance for an interruption in service.

All solar panels are going to be tested to be sure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions like hail and a lot of snowfall. All of the solar panels that are used by solar installers are guaranteed to be just as strong, if not stronger than your rooftop itself.

Perhaps something is done that damages your solar panels, most solar panels are going to come with pretty extensive warranties, that is guaranteed by your original solar installer, this will cover any serious damage that is done to the solar panels.

Helps Support Local Economy

The Solar Foundation did research that found, 1 out of every 50 new jobs added in the United States in 2016 was created by the solar power industry, which represents 2% of all of the new jobs. Solar power jobs in the United States increased at least 20 percent a year for the past four years, and jobs have nearly tripled since the first Solar Jobs Census was released in 2010. The solar power industry also added $84 billion to the US GDP in 2016. When you chose to get a solar panel installation you are benefiting your local economy.

Solar Energy is Trendy

So trendy isn’t always the goal, but when it comes to solar power systems it is. Solar panel installations are cool! Solar panels power your homes with the sun, how cool is that! But powering your homes with the sun isn’t the only cool part when it comes to solar power systems, solar panels shade the rooftop, which ends up keeping it cool while supplying your home with solar power. Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays, directing them away from the roof, whereas a roof without solar panels, the heat would penetrate through it into the inside of the building.

When you calculate the amount that you will save on cooling the buildings, the research team has found that it was equal to getting a five percent discount on the solar panels’ price of the lifetime of the solar power system.

You Can Use Solar Energy All Day

A myth when it comes to solar energy is that you can only use solar power at certain times. It’s important to note that solar power is generated even on cloudy, rainy days. All of that energy that your solar power system accumulates in the morning and afternoon hours, the whole time that the sun is out, producing more electricity than you use.

If your solar power system is connected to the grid, any excess solar energy that your solar panel installation produces is sent back to the grid, and your utility will end up crediting your account. Then in the evening house, you can use the credited energy from the meter. This excess solar energy isn’t going to expire and is going to be very similar to the way that rollover minutes work with telephones.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Getting a solar panel installation is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. These buildings make up for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S.. and when you install a solar power system you will immediately help decrease the number. A regular residential solar panel installation is going to eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year, which is equivalent to planting over 100 trees annually.

Unlike conventional power, solar power isn’t producing any harmful emissions. It’s a clean renewable energy process that is going to use the most natural resource of all: the sun.

Even the energy that is used to create the solar panels is going to be paid pretty soon after. Depending on the type, Energy Pay-Back Time (EPBT) for solar power systems is estimated to be between 0.5 and 1.4 years. After that point, it will be renewable energy, all the time. The environmental benefits of solar energy outweigh the

Dramatically Reduce Your Power Bill

Getting a solar panel installation is going to save homeowners a lot of money. It’s all in the mathematics of your solar power systems design. If you have a solar power system that is going to cover 100% of your daily energy demand (DED), then essentially you are going to stop paying for electricity from day one. From that point on, you are going to need to only pay to own the solar panels and the solar power inverter. Some people are going to pay for this upfront in cash. But for some, that’s not going to be a viable option, so they opt for a loan for solar. Once you choose the cash or loan option, you are immediately going to be protecting yourself from rising energy costs which is going to equate to 7-10% per year.

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