Ground Mounts V.S. Rooftop Solar Panel Installations

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Ground Mount VS Rooftop Solar Panel Installations

There’s a lot of different options that you have when it comes to getting a solar panel installation, including the different mounting options that you will have when it comes to installing solar panels.

Homeowners will have the option of getting ground mount solar panels and rooftop solar panel installation. Both of the different options are going to be beneficial and will make sense for different household situations and needs. Before moving forward with a solar panel installation, a homeowner is going to want to make sure that they are confident in their solar panel installation.

With both solar panel installations, there are going to be both pros and cons. Here are some things to consider when you decide on which mount is right for you.

Benefits of Ground Mount Solar Panels

The Perfect Alignment

Regardless of the kind of solar power system that you want, every solar panel installation is going to work the best when you’re able to get as much sunlight as possible.

In the United States, your solar panel installation will benefit the most if it’s facing south. If you face your solar panel installation truly south it will capture the most sunlight while producing the most solar power.

The perfect alignment is going to be a little tricky for roof-mounted solar panel installation. It isn’t going to be likely that your roof naturally faces the direct sunlight.

Ground mount solar panels can face any direction that you want. You can install your solar power system at the perfect angle this way it points directly at the sun. This is the reason that ground mount solar panel installations are going to be more efficient.

Giving You Room to Grow

If you’re getting a solar panel installation on your rooftop, you most likely will have limited space for your solar panel installation. In case your energy needs change in the future, you may face some challenges if you need to add more solar panels to your current solar power system.

When you get ground mount solar panels, you aren’t going to be under any space restrictions (under the assumption that you have space in your yard. You can expand your solar power system after the solar panel installation is complete, and many ground mount racking options which allow you to have any new additions.

This is going to mean that if you want to add any more solar panels to your property and require more power, or if you find that your initial solar power system isn’t going to be enough, you will always have the option to add more solar panels if needed.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Benefits

Ground mount solar panels are going to ideal if you want to live off-grid. If you don’t care about living off-grid, a rooftop solar power system is will more than likely going to produce enough solar power for your needs.

Neither mounting system is going to be ‘better’ than the other - the ‘right’ choice is going to depend on your budget, energy needs, and lifestyle. A rooftop solar power is typically going to be more ideal for customers who:

- Want to maximize their return of interest.

- Want a solar power system that is easier to install.

- Don’t have a lot of space.

- Want to spend less money upfront.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installations Equals Easier Permits

If you’re one of those people that don’t like to like to get caught up in bureaucratic processes, a rooftop solar power system is going to be the ideal choice. Rooftop solar panel installations have a much easier permitting process. Homeowners can submit blueprints for their homes to show if their roof is structurally safe, and they will need to be sure that their wiring and electrical systems are safe and up to code. This won’t typically be an issue unless you live in an old house.

There’s not going to be any extra design paperwork that you are going to need to submit, because you aren’t building a new structure on your property - which leads to a much longer approval process.

Rooftop Solar Power Systems Make Use of Unused Space

Rooftop solar panel installation is most likely going to be used in the residential market where there isn’t a lot of space for ground mount solar panels. You may live in a condo or the tightly packed suburbs. In the areas with little yard space, you may want to use the yard space for fire pits and swing sets as opposed to solar panel installation. When you install solar panels on the roof, it allows you to use the space that would otherwise be rendered useless, when you save the rest of your property for the things that will matter the most.

Even when it comes to people with a lot of lands, some choose to install their solar panels on their rooftops because they aren’t as noticeable. It keeps the space on your property free, which most people are going to prefer.

Head-to-Head Battle

Ground Mount Solar Panels

Costs: ground mount solar panels are normally more costly than rooftop solar panel installations because they require more materials, more time and labor.

The Aesthetics: if you’re a homeowner with a smaller yard, a solar panel installation installed on the ground as opposed to the solar panels being installed on the rooftop.

The Positioning: with ground mount solar panels you can install your solar power system in the right direction, at the right angle, so the solar panels get the maximum amount of sunlight to generate the maximum amount of solar power.

Rooftop Solar Panel installation

Costs: rooftop solar power systems are going to be more common, and they are typically easier and faster to install. The one thing that might increase these costs significantly is going to be the condition of your rooftop. If your roof is over 10 years old you will most likely need to replace it during the solar panel installations lifetime.

The Aesthetics: rooftop solar panel installations are typically going to be less noticeable, even though it will depend on the various positioning of your home. If the front of your house faces south, the solar panels are going to be visible. If your home faces north, you will be able to hide the solar panels better when you place them on the backside of the roof.

The Positioning: rooftop solar panel installations are going to be limited by a few variables, which include the angle, type, and direction of the roof. Then there’s also the probability of obstructions like chimneys, and trees that will decrease the overall production of the solar panels.

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