Find the Best Solar Batteries For Your Solar Panel Installation

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Find the Best Solar Batteries For Your Solar Panel Installation

If you’ve been following any trends in the solar power industry, you know that one of the biggest trends right now is solar batteries.

Having a good solar power system isn’t enough anymore. If you aren’t connected to the grid (because you don’t have access to the grid, or you just don’t want to be) you are going to need a place to store your solar power. Getting reliable solar batteries are going to help you store the solar power that your solar panels produce during the day.

If you are connected to the grid, the solar batteries are going to save enough solar power to protect you, just in case a grid shortage occurs in the area.

Solar batteries are going to be crucial to keep your solar power system up and running. Since your solar panels generate solar power when the sun is out, and you most likely aren’t going to all of the solar power while the solar panels are producing energy, solar batteries are going to be vital when it comes to storing energy.

Here’s a guide to help you determine the best solar batteries to install with your solar power system.

What are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are referred to devices that store the excess solar power that is generated from the solar panels for different use. The solar batteries are going to ensure that you can enjoy solar power even after the sun goes down, during a power outage or the peak energy demands. These solar batteries can be used in residential properties and commercial buildings.

Solar batteries are going to play an important role, specifically when it comes to off-grid solar power systems. When it comes to an off-grid solar power system, solar batteries are going to be the heart of the off-grid solar power system. When building a solar power system, solar batteries should be a consideration because they are going to determine how effective the solar panel installation is going to be to you.

Using solar batteries, you are going to be able to optimize your ability to use solar power daily. When you require more solar power than your solar panels produce, you can use the solar power stored in your solar batteries.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

The solar batteries work by storing solar power that your solar panels during the day. The solar power batteries store the solar electricity in the form of DC solar electricity, which is why you will need a solar inverter to convert the DC solar electricity into AC solar electricity.

When it comes to solar batteries that are used for your home use, you are going to need either 120V or 230V to use in your home.

Another vital component of solar batteries is the solar charge controller, this is going to make sure that the energy that is being produced during the day does not overcharge the solar batteries. It is also going to keep the solar power trapped in the solar batteries as opposed to having it leak out and drain the charge.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Solar Batteries for Your Solar Power System

However, there are going to be a lot of advantages of adding solar batteries to your solar panel installation, but there are going to be a lot of difficulties when it comes to finding the right ones. The cost of solar batteries will be pricey, and replacing them post solar panel installation is going to be pretty difficult.

There are a lot of different kinds of solar batteries that are on the market today, which might be challenging to differentiate. These different challenges that are going to occur during the purchase which includes cost, ease of installation, storage capacity, and battery lifespan, among others.

Different Kinds of Solar Batteries

To find the best solar batteries, you should probably learn about the different solar batteries that are on the market today.

- Flooded Lead Acid Solar Batteries. For a while, these were the most popular solar batteries for home use. It has been used for over 150 years and has been a grand asset to off-grid solar power systems. They are extremely affordable and 99% recyclable. Their design equips them to easily handle daily charge cycling. The significant advantages of these solar batteries are going to include their low cost, reliability, and safety. But the disadvantages include; they are bulky and corrosive, and they are known to produce a byproduct in the form of gas, therefore where ever they are located ventilation is going to be a must. If you’re a homeowner that doesn’t mind regular maintenance and monitoring, these can be the right choice. They are going to be the most affordable of the solar batteries, but due to the multiple drawbacks, homeowners are choosing other solar batteries.

- Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Solar Batteries. The next kind of solar batteries that are being used with solar panel installations. This technology began gaining popularity that was sealed lead-acid solar batteries that are being made for the military vehicles, aircraft, and UPS. These AGM solar batteries are part of a category of lead-acid solar batteries called the sealed lead acid. This form of lead-acid solar batteries uses a fiberglass mat to absorb solar electricity. One of the best advantages of AGM solar batteries is that they possess a lower internal resistance than that in the flooded lead-acid batteries, and they discharge slower. They also are going to be leak-proof, and they also are going to need less (if any) ventilation. Just like the flooded solar batteries, they use the same charging voltage and usually are more suited for solar power systems.

- Lithium-Ion Solar Batteries. They are made up of a newer technology that has been available form the 1970s and has been in use in cellphones and laptops. But, the cells have become more and more popular in the renewable energy industry in more recent times. This is going to be more expensive than other types of batteries, lithium solar batteries offer multiple benefits that are going to make up for the price. These solar batteries are going to have the longest lifespan, they are the most efficient, there’s no maintenance, deeper discharges (more storage capacity), no gas emissions, and more. These are normally the best solar batteries for solar panels. These solar batteries are ideal for grid-tied of off-grid solar power systems, and the only real downfall is going to be the higher upfront cost.

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