Mistakes to Avoid When You Go Solar

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The Solar Power Industry Don’ts

The solar power industry is rapidly expanding, and with that expansion so are the mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to getting a solar panel installation. Here’s are some solar power don’ts to help avoid these mistakes.

Don’t Cost-Cut

In some situations, cost-cutting may make a lot of sense. But that’s not the case when it comes to buying a solar power system.

Some of the producers of solar power equipment have chosen to go down to the “low-cost” path. But, these less expensive solar panels are often going lack in quality and durability. In the solar power world, cutting costs will more often than not mean cutting corners.

Logically, by cutting corners this has increased the defectives rates of solar panels produced with cost-cutting in mind. These defects can not only reduce the value of your investment and the future pay-off but might also result in safety hazards like fires.

Protect Yourself

When getting a solar panel installation, you should look for high-quality materials. Be sure to ask your solar installer about the solar panels that they use and ask them about their failure rate. Here’s some information you should also take into consideration:

- Look at the history of the solar installer and do some research about the company that manufactures the solar panels. Are they reliable? Can you find happy customers?

- Ensure the reliability testing is done - the solar panels that are high quality and tested and results should be available to the public.

Cost-Cutting and Solar Inverters

The discussion about avoiding solar power equipment cost-cutting, it’s not just about the solar panels themselves. Another vital cost not to cut is going to your solar inverter. Solar inverters are going to be the more fragile part of a solar power system and it is going to be the part that will most likely fail.

Sometimes certain buyers and solar installers are trying to cut the costs by buying solar inverters that don’t support the capacity of their solar panels. But, if you want to protect yourself and your investment, do not cut on the costs of your solar inverter.

If you need to reduce your initial investment costs for your solar panel installation, the general solar power industry advice is to purchase fewer solar panels rather than to cut back on the quality. This is not to say that that the more costly solar panels are going to be the better ones.

Don’t Complete the Solar Panel Installation Yourself

Here’s what you should do yourself, the research. You aren’t going to want to install solar panels on your rooftop just because someone told you it might be a good idea that saves you some money. You should do your research on the solar company that you want to work with. But you shouldn’t do the solar panel installation yourself.

You will come across companies that offer Solar DIY kits and you might be tempted to try and cut back on the cost of solar, don’t do it. Individuals will have to fill out tons of paperwork to try and get permits, you could completely ruin your solar panels and other solar power equipment, and it’s dangerous! You should use a qualified solar installer who will be sure that the solar panels are installed correctly and placed in the right spot to help you get the best return of investment.

Risks of a DYI Solar Panel Installation

- Leaky roofs. When you install your solar power system, you are going to need to create holes in your roof. This alone can cause damage to your roof. If these holes aren’t sealed correctly, they may result in leaky roofs and water damage to your house.

- Wiring issues. Solar panel installation is going to be an electrical job and may pose a threat of electric shocks if it isn’t done correctly. If the wiring isn’t done correctly, you might pose a risk for a future home fire and electrical shorts. You should be sure to use extreme caution if you decide to go with a DIY, and always consult a licensed electrician.

- Not Compliant with Safety Codes and Standards. The building safety standards and electrical codes (at the local, state, and federal levels) are difficult to navigate. Building and electrical codes might be challenging to decipher correctly. Permitting and fees, in addition to incentive paperwork, must all be completed correctly, you should be cautious.

- Warranty exemptions. Some of the warranties are going to require a professional solar installer, otherwise, the warranty will not be valid. There are some warranties are going to state that if you want the product to stay under warranty, you can’t have anyone other than a licensed solar installer complete your solar panel installation, the warranty will be void.

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