Why Solar Equipment is Important Part 1

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Two Reasons Solar Power Equipment is Important

At one point or another, most homeowners will receive a knock on their door and they will be presented with a solar panel installation sales pitch. By the end of the solar panel installation sales pitch, the homeowner gets a sheet that will display the cost of solar panels and the information on how to procure a solar panel installation. But the document will fail to disclose all of the details about the solar-powered systems equipment. That sheet of paper isn’t going to give homeowners information about the solar panels or the solar power inverters that are going to be installed on your rooftop.

The solar panel installation equipment (the solar panels and the solar power inverter), is quite possibly one of the more important decision factors when you are evaluating your solar panel installation quotes. All solar panels and solar power inverters are not the same. If you are considering adding a solar panel installation to your property they typical warranty for a solar-powered system will be the lifetime of the solar panels (depending on the solar panels, anywhere between 10-25 years).

Some perspective solar electricity consumers don’t believe that it is important to know the details about the solar panels and solar power inverter, but it is! Here’s why it is important to know all of the details about your solar-powered system;

The Quality of the Solar Equipment Varies

There are a lot of solar panels and solar power inverters that are on the solar energy market today, and each piece of equipment has unique characteristics. After the solar panel installation is placed on the property, each solar-powered system will be able to harness sunlight and then convert it into usable solar electricity for your home. However, selecting the perfect solar panels and solar power inverter for your solar-powered system isn’t an easy task. When selecting the solar-powered systems equipment it is important to keep in mind that the solar panels and solar power inverter you end up choosing will determine the amount of solar electricity that the solar-powered system will produce. This will also impact the amount you will save on your utility bills.

The higher-end solar panels are going to produce more solar electricity over a smaller area. This means that you can produce more solar electricity with the same number of solar panels on your roof. But you should keep in mind that the cost of solar panels for the high-end solar panels is going to be higher. The solar panels and solar power inverter that are on the higher-end will also perform at higher levels during substandard weather conditions and are specifically designed to continue to produce electricity to their fullest extent for 25 years and possibly longer.

The high-end solar power inverters are also going to be more efficient when it comes to converting the solar electricity your solar panel installation is production, into usable electricity for your home. They are also going to be designed to make sure that your entire solar-powered system is performing at maximum capabilities.

The difference between high-end and lower quality solar-powered systems equipment can mean that there’s a massive difference in the entire lifetime of your solar-powered system. There is also going to be a large difference in the amount that you will save on your solar electricity bills.

Another important thing you will want to keep in mind is that the solar panels and solar power inverters that you install is in charge of producing the right amount of solar electricity to cover your needs, or to give you the savings that you want to achieve.

The Price Varies 

If a homeowner gets two quotes on a solar-powered system that has the same costs could be very different. They may be different in sizes, they could offer different levels of production that will have different warranties. A factor that is going to help determine how the quotes differ will be in the quality of the solar panels and solar power inverters.

If you are comparing the two different solar panel installation quotes that both list an upfront cost of solar panels is going to be $10,000, you can’t determine which offer is going to be superior until you’ll know both the size of the solar-powered system, the quality of the solar panels and the solar power inverter that is being offered. Sure the cost of solar being priced at $10,000 may be a fair price of 6 kilowatts (kW) solar-powered system with the top-tier solar panels and a solar power inverter. But, you may not want to pay that price for a 6 kW solar-powered system that uses lower efficiency of equipment with shorter warranties.

Once you know the proposed solar panels and solar power in your solar-powered system, and what the cost of solar panels include in your solar panel installation quote, you are going to be able to readily compare the cost of one solar panel installation versus another, by adding up their respective costs perspective costs per watt ($/W). The costs of various solar-powered system sizes, which provides a quicker metric for whether or not you’re being overcharged for a given solar-powered system.

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