Debunking Solar Energy Myths

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Common Myths About Solar Energy

Chances are, if you are a homeowner who has considered the option of solar panel installation, you have heard a few myths about solar panels. Because solar-powered systems are growing in popularity more and more myths are being debunked.

There are currently over 2 million solar panel installations in the United States are generating solar energy. Solar panels are making the air easier to breathe while helping homeowners with solar-powered systems improve the value of their homes. With all of these solar panel installations generating solar electricity, more information about solar panel installation is floating around on the web. Here we will debunk some of the common myths about solar panels.

Can't Afford the Cost of Solar Panels

In 42 of America’s 50 largest cities, financing a residential solar-powered system is going to cost less than purchasing electricity from the customer’s local utility. Studies show that the cost of solar has fallen every year since 2009. If you are interested in buying a solar-powered system, you aren’t going to have to buy it in cash, there are several different financing options. There are mortgage options that are going to give borrowers the ability to complete solar energy upgrades to 15 percent of the current appraised property value of the home. If you don’t want to take a loan out, there are third-party owned solar-powered systems that allow you to host solar panel installations that are owned by solar companies then purchasing the solar electricity that is generated on your rooftop while allowing you to lock in your electricity rate for years.   

Getting a Solar Panel Installation Means Going Off the Grid

It’s possible to get an off-grid solar-powered system with the use of solar power batteries, but most of the solar panel installations are going to be grid-tied. This is going to allow you to use solar energy that is produced by your solar-powered system during the day and draw the electricity from the grid after the sun is down.

This isn’t going to mean that you can’t cover all of your electricity needs with your solar panel installation, because of a policy that is called net metering, your utility will provide credits on your electricity bill for your excess solar energy that is produced during the day. With net metering, you will only be charged the net amount of energy that you are drawing from the grid. If you generate more solar electricity than you use in a given month, you can use those net metering credits on a future bill. If your solar-powered system produces more solar electricity than you use in your electricity billing cycle, you will still receive an electric bill from your utility, but it will show a negative amount owed.

Net metering policies can vary by state and utility, so it’s a good idea to check with your utility company about the specifics of their net metering before your solar panel installation.

Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

Solar panels are going to benefit the portion of the roof that they are going to cover by protecting and preserving it. In the unlikely event that the solar panels are sitting on is damaged and needs to be repaired, the solar panels can be easily removed since they aren’t going to be directly attached to the roof; they are just mounted on top of it. Usually, if there are any gaps between the rooftop and the solar panels, the sealant is used to fill in the gaps. Also, the mounts are protected using metal flashing or coverings for an extra barrier for protection. Always remember to be sure that your roof is damage-free before mounting a new roof.

Solar Panels Won’t Work in the Winter

Solar Panels need sunshine to generate solar electricity. If you live in a state that is a particularly cold state that experiences a lot of snowstorms, you will most likely generate less solar energy in the winter than in the summer because there are fewer sunlight hours. But the amount of solar electricity that you will generate in the winter will still be enough to enjoy savings on your electricity bill. In fact, during the winter months when the sun is shining, the solar panels are going to perform more efficiently due to the colder temperatures.

When the solar panels are covered in snow, they aren’t going to generate any solar energy. Fortunately, solar panels are designed to bear a certain amount of weight and the snow isn’t going to cause any issues. Additionally, most solar panels are going to be titled at an angle so the next time the sun comes out, the snow will just slide off on its own.

Solar Panel Installations Require A Lot of Maintenance 

Solar Panel Installations are relatively straightforward as long as you are using a reliable manufacturer. Ideally, if your solar-powered system is connected to your utility grid, which is common among electricity systems, then it makes solar panels easier to maintain. The solar panels are just going to need to be cleaned with the water to remove any accumulated dust or debris or snow that has been trapped on them. Solar panels are constructed in a way that allows them to withstand the harsh weather, including hail, sleet, etc. If you have a battery-based solar-powered system. It will need more cleaning than one without, but systems without batteries are more common and are going to be cheaper than those that have battery systems.

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