Costs After Your Solar Panel Installation is Complete

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The Costs of Solar After the Installation Process

For the most part, when it comes to solar-powered systems, once the solar panel installation is complete, you can typically forget it. A solar panel installation requires a very minimal amount of maintenance over time, but there are some post solar panel installation costs of solar. There are a few factors that could impact the post solar panel installation costs of solar, but there are some ways that you can avoid some of these costs from the get-go.

The General Solar-Powered System Maintenance

In general, most solar-powered systems aren’t going to require routine maintenance. But, some homeowners who purchase a solar panel installation operations and maintenance (O&M) package for added peace of mind. O&M service packages are an essential insurance plan for your solar-powered system; these plans will often include cleaning, electrical system checks, and/or pest control. These types of plans aren’t as common with residential solar panel installations as they are with the larger commercial projects. If you do decide to add this protection after the solar panel installation, it’s going to most likely cost you a few extra hundred dollars a year.  

One thing that you might want to keep in mind is your solar installer might offer their own service plan or include an annual servicing plan as part of a warranty package. Before you purchase an O&M service package, you should check and see if your solar installer does their own annual checkups, and whether or not it is sufficient for your needs, and if they charge extra for that service.

In addition, some homeowners do pat for professional solar panel cleaning alone. This isn’t necessary for many solar panel installations: if your solar panels are installed at a tilt, rainfall helps you naturally clean your solar panels. But, if you live in a particular sandy area or if there is debris on your solar-powered system, routine solar panel cleaning can help improve your annual solar electricity production. The cost of solar in terms of cleaning the solar panels is often going to be less than $10 per solar panels; saying that, you will pat less for cleanings on smaller and more simple solar panel installations.

Replacing or Repairing Solar Power Equipment

Most of the solar-powered systems are going to require very little if any repairs or replacements. The reason being, outside of solar power tracker systems, the components of your solar-powered system are stationary. If any part of your solar power equipment is most likely to fail, it is going to be the solar power inverter; string solar power inverters may burn out and require replacement 10 to 12 years into their lifespan.

Luckily, solar power equipment - from solar panels to solar power inverters to solar power trackers - comes with manufacturer warranties that will help protect you in the case of faulty solar power equipment. But, the extent of this protection may vary from each of the solar companies.

At the very least, most solar companies' warranty agreements will cover solar power equipment replacements: therefore, if your solar power inverter is going to fail after 11 years and you’re covered by a 12-year warranty, you will receive a replacement. But, most solar companies are not going to cover the cost of shipping the new equipment, or the labor that is required to re-install. Before you decide on the solar power equipment that you are going to install, it’s important to read the warranty documents thoroughly so these future costs of solar aren’t going to catch you off-guard. The post solar panel installation costs of solar are ranging considerably depending on the type of solar power equipment that you are going to need to repair or replace, the costs of labor, and what exactly you solar-powered systems warranty covers.  

Tree Trimming

A solar-powered system can last for decades and is able to generate solar electricity on your rooftop for over 30 years. Throughout this time, you may have a few trees that, when the solar panel installation first began weren’t an issue, have grown and eventually end up shading your solar-powered system.

Tree trimming and removal prices are going to depend on the size and height of the tree, costing anywhere from less than $100 to up to $1,000: the taller the tree is, the more you can expect to pay to trim the tree or cut it down completely.

You should keep in mind that many of the solar power software design tools will be able to help you estimate tree growth over the entire lifetime of your solar-powered system; if there are particular trees in your yard that you are worried about, ask your solar installer about the potential future production implications taking into account the estimated tree growth.

The Cost of Solar For You

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