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When it comes to finding the best solar panels for your solar-powered system is something that homeowners are going to want to research. It’s not just the decision of getting bifacial or non-bifacial solar panels, or black or blue panels, but it also comes with the decision or which solar company you are going to choose.

When it comes to choosing a solar company that you are choosing to work with you are going to want to look into the solar company’s warranties, how they match up against other solar companies, the efficiency of a solar panel, the cost of solar and how the solar panels will perform in the heat.

Canadian Solar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels and is currently operating on six different continents. The solar company had been founded back in 2001 and manufacturers its solar panels in Canada, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. The solar panels from Canadian Solar are one of the more frequently quoted solar panels on the market today and there’s a reason for it! They have some of the best solar panels on the market at some of the most competitive prices.

Comparing Canadian Solar Panels With Other Solar Companies

When it comes to reviewing your solar panels there are four key metrics that you should review: the efficiency of a solar panel, the performance of the solar panels, the warranties and the cost of solar.

The Efficiency of a Solar Panel

In reference to the efficiency of a solar panel, it is going to refer to how well the solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it into usable solar electricity. In the same conditions, when the efficiency of a solar panel is high the solar panels are going to produce more solar electricity than a lower efficiency of a solar panel that is of the same size. Which is the reason that most people who are looking to get a solar panel installation are choosing to procure the solar panels with higher efficiency of a solar panel for their solar-powered system?

When it comes to the efficiency of a solar panel in regards to the solar panels from Canadian Solar, it is going to vary depending on the specific module that you choose for your solar-powered system. The solar panels that are in Canadian Solar’s product line up, most of their solar panels efficiency ranges from 15.88% to 18.33%. Putting Canadian Solar in the standard efficiency of a solar panel category.

The Power Performance

When looking at Canadian Solar performance reviews of their solar panels, the temperature coefficient is going to be used to evaluate how the solar panels are performing. The temperature coefficient is an indicator of how well the solar panels are able to handle the less-than-ideal weather conditions. Solar panels are like other electronic equipment, they typically perform better when they are kept cool, the ideal temperature for solar panels performance is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature coefficient lets homeowners tell you how much the performance of the solar panel is going to change during the hot summer days.

For every degree above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the amount of solar electricity that your solar panel installation is going to decrease by its temperature coefficient. The Canadian Solar CS6K-275M solar panel temperature increase by one degree, its solar electricity production will decrease by 0.41%. If its temperature increase to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, solar electricity production will reduce by 4.1%.

Your solar panels are going to likely see more than a few hot and sunny days over the course of each year, therefore ideally, they are going to have the lowest temperature coefficient as possible.

The Warranties

Regardless if you are buying a TV, or solar panels, the company that you are buying from should stand behind their product with a strong warranty! The warranty of the materials of solar panels is a guarantee from the solar company that they will replace your solar panels if it fails as a result of manufacturing defects or environmental issues.

Most of the solar companies are going to offer a 10-year materials warranty, but some of the higher-end solar panels are going to come with a 12,15, 20, or even 25-year warranty. Canadian Solar offers a 10-year warranty against any defects in its solar panels.

The Cost of Solar Panels at Canadian Solar

For a lot of homeowners, the final decision around choosing the equipment for their solar-powered system that they choose is going to rely on the cost. The total cost of solar that you pay for your solar-powered system with Canadian solar panels is going to vary depending on the solar power equipment that is used in the solar panel installation, as well as the characteristics of their roof.

When it comes to Canadian Solar’s s solar-powered systems, it was found that most of their solar-powered systems are typically priced between $2.61 and $3.29 per watt, which makes them a strong player in the residential solar panel installation market.

Meaning that for an average 6 kW solar-powered system, the gross cost is going to be between $15,660 to $19,740. In addition, most of the homeowners are going to end up paying much less than the total gross cost. By using the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar, a 6 kW solar-powered system with Canadian Solar is going to ten ends up costing anywhere from $10,962 to $13,818. There are also additional solar incentives and rebates that can help you reduce the upfront cost of solar even more.

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