Fight Climate Change With Solar Power

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With the latest climate reports saying that we are in trouble, it has many people wondering what they can do to help reduce their carbon emissions. One way that many experts are claiming will help stop climate change is getting a solar panel installation. But there are other ways that people are reducing their carbon footprint with solar energy, then a solar panel installation.

Ways To Fight Climate Change With Solar Power

A Solar Panel Installation

The most obvious way that you can reduce your carbon footprint is by getting a solar panel installation. Sure a few years ago it seemed like a solar panel installation was only for the rich and famous, but that’s changed. Thanks to solar panel installations becoming more popular the cost of solar panels have fallen and thanks to technological advancements, solar panel installations are now more aesthetically pleasing, making solar power even more appealing to homeowners.

This method of fighting climate change is growing more and more popular with homeowners as the technology for solar panels is advancing, it is becoming more and more clear that getting a solar panel installation isn’t just about the environmental benefits of solar energy, but also about the benefits that it offers the homeowners.

Solar panel installation isn’t only going to reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also increase your property value and it will also help homeowners save on their electricity bills. Out of all of the sources of renewable energy, solar panels are the most popular in the residential department.

Using Solar Power Light Bulbs 

By using solar power light bulbs homeowners can go a long way in reducing the need for artificial lighting, which consumes a great deal of electricity. Solar power light bulbs are extremely durable and are going to provide the same amount or even higher lighting when it comes to solar energy.

If you are a homeowner and are looking for an easy way to help stop climate change, solar power light bulbs are a good option for you. The environmental benefits of solar energy are more than enough reasons to make the switch to solar power light bulbs, but the financial benefits of solar power is another reason. The payback of these solar power light bulbs is almost immediate and isn’t going to require that high of initial investment costs. These solar-powered systems are suitable for both the home and the office.

The Solar Power Waterproof Speaker

This cool solar-powered system is something that everyone can get some use out of. Regardless if you are using the solar-powered system to listen to podcasts, books, or music, this is a simple way that you can fight climate change. This device looks like a regular old speaker with solar panels on top. Because the solar power speaker is waterproof, it is designed for all of the real-word situations it faces. The speaker is called the SOL JAM, and it meets and exceeds the IPX7 waterproof standard. There’s no need to worry if something spills on it. The speaker is perfect for a summer party, one because it’s waterproof, and two because if something spills on it you won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed.

WiFi Surveillance Camera Solar-Powered System

This solar power security camera is powered by sunlight and it is completely wireless. The solar energy IP camera solar-powered system charges its batteries with solar energy from its built-in solar panels. It can be placed anywhere around your house, factory or construction site.

This solar power device also is night vision is ready and it is also waterproof and built to withstand rain. It is also fit for any location with WiFi coverage 2 point 4GHz required. Most homeowners have full control of their solar-powered system through an app on your cellular device.

Setting the Example

When it comes to solar panel installations there’s a lot of great examples out there, but when it comes to environmental benefits of solar energy there are a few solar panel installations that stand out. In the United States when you think of the environment we tend to think of beautiful landmarks, like national parks, lucky for us a lot of these national parks are helping fight climate change and preserving the earth's natural beauty.

Alcatraz Island

When you think of Alcatraz Island I’m sure you don’t think about the solar panel installation and the environmental benefits of solar energy. You are most likely thinking about prison. But the prison isn’t the only thing of importance on the island. This island has a 305 kW solar panel installation that was completed in 2012. The solar-powered system helps save 400,000 kWh/year, and 337,000 kg/year in greenhouse gases.

The NPS installed the solar-powered system on top of the roof of the main cell house building. The solar panel installation has solar panels that are paired with diesel generators via digital controllers and solar power inverters to provide power to the island. The surplus of solar energy that is generated and then sent to a special energy storage unit.

Yellowstone National Park

This national park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. The land has a surplus of untouched land, different species of animals that are endangered in other parts of America, and geysers such as old faithful. In 2011, the National Park decided to install an 18 kW solar-powered system, this way the land can experience the environmental benefits of solar energy. The solar panel installation reduced the life cycle costs by approximately 26%, from $400,000 to $295,000.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You can see how much it will cost you to reduce your carbon footprint by going to HaHaSmart and using the price checker tool.

Solar system price checker

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