Solar Energy in Florida

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Being called the sunshine state, it shouldn’t be a shock that solar panel installations are prominent in Florida. Solar energy in Florida helps Floridians take advantage of their sunny days by installing solar-powered systems on their property. With the aid of generous property and sales tax exemptions, as well as favorable solar incentives like net metering programs, which will allow solar panels to save you money even when you aren’t home. Adding to the incredible benefits of solar energy in Florida, the rebates and solar energy programs help make Florida homeowners choose to get a solar panel installation easier.

Solar Energy in Florida

In Florida, the average cost of a solar panel installation ranges anywhere between $11,305 to $15,295. If you are looking at the cost of solar panels on a cost per watt ($/Watt) basis, the cost of solar in Florida will range from $2.26 to $3.06.

Another calculation that a potential solar power customer should consider is the payback period of solar panel installation. The payback period for solar-powered systems is the amount of time that you will recover your initial investment through savings from solar electricity. Solar energy in Florida has an average solar power payback period is 9.44 years.

Also, it is important to take into consideration how the consumer is going to pay for solar panel installation. But there are a lot of financial options that are available to ensure the solar energy customers can afford a solar panel installation. A common method of paying for solar-powered systems is cash, and long-term it will lead to the most long-term value for your money. The upfront purchase isn’t right for you, solar loans and solar leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are available to help homeowners finance their solar panels.

In the table below we will list the cost of solar panels in Florida’s most prominent counties:

2019 Cost of Solar Panels in Florida for a 5 kW Solar Panel Installation:


Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Net 20-Year Savings

Payback Period

Electricity Bill Offset

Collier County

$11,475 - $15,524

$24,420 - $33,039

8.8 - 11.9 Years

75 - 102 %

Duval County

$12,792 - $17,307

$24,587 - $33,265

8.7 - 11.8 Years

71 - 97 %

Lake County

$11,432 - $15,467

$27,238 - $36,851

7.7 - 10.4 Years

78 - 106 %

Miami-Dade County

$11,602 - $15,697

$26,329 - $35,622

8.9 - 12 Years

69 - 94 %

Orange County

$11,177 - $15,122

$30,676 - $41,503

7.2 - 9.7 Years

80 - 109 %

Palm Beach County

$11,602 - $15,697

$25,304 - $34,253

8.8 - 11.9 Years

71 - 97 %

Saint Lucie County

$11,432 - $15,467

$24,970 - $33,783

8.7 - 11.7 Years

7.4 - 100 %

Sarasota County

$11,475 - $15,524

$21,295 - $28,811

8.8 - 11.9 Years

77 - 105 %

Seminole County

$11,262 - $15,237

$31,109 - $42,089

7.5 - 10.2 Years

78 - 10.2 Years

Solar Incentives in Florida

Solar energy in Florida has a lot of potential. The sun in Florida provides solar-powered systems the opportunity to generate lots of solar energy, but some homeowners are hesitating to purchase solar panels due to the upfront cost of solar.

The Best Solar Incentives in Florida

Florida residents can take advantage of a few great solar energy programs:

Net Metering for Solar Energy in Florida

One of the most important solar incentives for residential solar panel installations in Florida is net metering. The reason that it is so important is that it allows you to see the excess solar energy that your solar-powered systems generate back to the grid. While homeowners are at work, on vacation or just out and about not using much electricity at your house, your solar panel installation is still going to be hard at work generating solar energy and saving you money.

Solar Energy in Florida Property Tax Exemption

One of the popular selling points for solar panels is that when you get a solar panel installation, you also increase your property value, but it also can result in higher property taxes. Luckily, for homeowners in Florida with solar panel installations who are using their solar-powered systems for residential reasons, the value that solar panels add to a property isn’t included in property taxes

Solar Energy in Florida Sales Tax Exemption

Also, we aren’t going to have to pay sales tax when you buy a new solar-powered system, thanks to the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption! A 6 % savings on what you would otherwise pay.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

In addition to Florida’s net metering policy and tax exemptions to promote solar energy, the Federal government also gives you another solar incentive that is called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This rebate for solar panels will knock off almost a third of the cost of solar panels, as a credit on your income tax. But you will need to keep in mind that you must have enough income for the tax credit to be relevant, and the Federal ITC applies only to those who are buying their solar-powered systems with a cash purchase or a solar loan.

Notable Solar Panel Installations in Florida

- Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center completed its solar panel installation. The solar panels project has enough solar power capacity to generate 75 MW of solar electricity, which is enough solar power to provide power for over 8,216 homes.

- Several large retailers have got a solar panel installation on their buildings, including 6th street, Ace Hardware Bronson and AMJ, Inc. General Growth Properties have installed one of the largest solar panel installations with 1 MW of solar power capacity at their location in Altamonte Springs.

- At 1 MW of solar power capacity, TIA solar in Tampa is among the largest solar panel installations in the state of Florida. The solar energy project was completed in 2016, the solar power project generates enough solar electricity to provide solar power for more than 175 homes.

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