Top States for Solar Part 2

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The Best States for Solar Power in 2019 Part 2

With the rising popularity in solar panel installations in the United States, due to the environmental benefits of solar energy, solar power mandates, and other factors. It is only natural that more and more homes are getting solar-powered systems installed on their rooftops. In the last post we discussed the top four states for solar power, today we will see how the next ones match up.


It should be no surprise that the sunshine state is prominent in solar power. Florida is ranked 5th overall with over 3,155.51 MW of solar power installed, that’s enough solar power to provide electricity for 380,128 homes. The state, however, only uses 1.18% of solar electricity for its electricity needs. The solar power industry provides 10,358 jobs for Florida residents. The state full of sunshine has 582 solar companies, 77 of the solar companies manufacture solar panels along with other solar power equipment, there are 301 solar installers and solar energy developers. The state has invested $4,862.60 million in solar power, and the projected growth in the next five years is 8,586 MW of solar power, those predictions have their rankings moving up to the second slot. The state currently has 37,219 solar panel installations that are operating and they only the expectation that they will increase.

Florida has solar power policies that are far behind the other states: it currently doesn’t have any sources of renewable energy standard and doesn’t allow power purchase agreements, two of the policies have driven investments in solar power in other states. For not having two of the most prominent solar power policies, Florida solar panel installations are thriving.

Florida has some notable solar panel installations:

- Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center completed its solar panel installation. The solar panels project has enough solar power capacity to generate 75 MW of solar electricity, which is enough solar power to provide power for over 8,216 homes.

- Several large retailers have got a solar panel installation on their buildings, including 6th street, Ace Hardware Bronson and AMJ, Inc. General Growth Properties have installed one of the largest solar panel installations with 1 MW of solar power capacity at their location in Altamonte Springs.

- At 1 MW of solar power capacity, TIA solar in Tampa is among the largest solar panel installations in the state of Florida. The solar energy project was completed in 2016, the solar power project generates enough solar electricity to provide solar power for more than 175 homes.


Texas is known for a lot of things, BBQ, football, country music and as they are getting more and more solar panel installations they are beginning to be known for their solar power as well. They are nationally ranked 6th for solar power, with 2,956.93 MW of solar power installed that generate enough solar electricity to provide power for 352,882 homes. Texas has some work to do if they want to switch solely to solar electricity, as of now they only use 0.85% of solar electricity for their electricity needs. 9,612 jobs were created in Texas thanks to the solar power industry. The state has 652 solar companies, with 109 of the solar companies manufacturing solar-powered systems, along with with 275 solar installers and solar power developers, and 268 other jobs. The state has invested $4,634.51 million in solar energy. In the next five years, there’s a projected growth of 7,787 MW of solar power, moving the state's projected ranking to 3rd place. There are currently 50,372 solar panel installations in the state.

As the economy in Texas continues to grow, the electricity consumption has correspondingly increased. There are environmental regulations and various market pressures that have forced a significant amount of generation to exit the market in recent years while the older generation sources continue to be retired.

Texas has a few notable solar panel installations:

- RE Roserock LLC was completed in 2016. The solar power project has the solar energy capacity to generate 160 MW of solar electricity that will provide enough power for over 17,951 Texas homes.

- There are several large solar retailers in Texas that have got solar panel installations which include Applied Materials, Campbell’s Soup and FedEx. FedEx has one of the largest solar panel installations in Texas with 2 MW of solar power capacity at their location in Hutchins.

- At 95 MW, Alamo Solar Farm 5 in Uvalde is another one of the largest solar panel installations in Texas. The solar power project has enough electric capacity to power more than 10,658 homes.

New Jersey

New Jersey ranking 7th in the nation has some people because the states isn’t necessarily known for having an abundance of sunshine. But that hasn’t stopped solar power in New Jersey from racking up 2,828.84 MW of solar power, with enough to provide solar power for 466,371 homes in New Jersey. The state uses solar electricity for 4.17% of the state's electricity needs. The solar power industry has created 6,410 jobs in New Jersey. There are 591 different solar companies in the state, 85 of them manufacture the solar-powered systems, 370 are solar installers and developers, along with 136 other solar energy jobs. The state has invested $9,363.12 million and has a projected growth of 1,961 MW of solar energy in the next five years, dropping down to the 11th spot.

New Jersey was an early leader in the solar power industry, and the market is continuing to see growth, driven by net metering, solar RPS, and an accompanying SREC market.

Here are some of the more notable solar panel installations in New Jersey:

- The Pilesgrove Solar Project was completed in 2015 by Con Edison and Panda. The solar energy project has enough capacity to generate 18 MW of solar electricity, enough to provide power for over 2,796 New Jersey homes.

- The large retailers in New Jersey that have installed solar-powered systems are; Anheuser-Busch, Ashley Plaza, and AT&T. Berry Plastics Corporation has also installed one of the largest solar panel installations with 14 MW of solar energy capacity at the location in Phillipburg.

- At 10 MW, L&D Landfill Solar in Mt. Holly is among the largest solar panel installations in the state. The solar power project has enough electricity capacity to provide power for over 1,553 homes.

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