Send Your Kid Back to School in Style With Solar Supplies

Kaitlin LindrosAugust 9, 201912600

Solar products for school

Back-to-school season is here! And with it, the opportunity to teach the next generation about the latest in renewable energy technology. 

While you’re scrambling around trying to find the best price on pencils, notebooks, and other essentials, check out these cool solar gadgets that will teach your kid about solar power while making them the coolest kid at school.

1. Solar Backpack

What better way to teach your kid about solar than to put solar panels on their back?

In addition to carrying all the supplies they need, a solar-powered backpack can generate solar energy to charge your child’s devices on the go. No more getting stuck somewhere with a dead phone and no ride home.

Also, with more schools adopting things like tablets and educational apps as learning tools, this backpack will help keep your kid charged and ready to learn at all times.

2. Solar Power Bank

If your solar backpack runs out of charge, try a portable solar power bank. Your kid can charge their devices without needing to be plugged into a wall to do so. And they'll have no excuse not to keep their phone charged and ready to answer at all times.

3. Solar Calculator

A long-time school supply staple, solar-powered calculators have been around since the 1970s.

Ever noticed the little rectangles at the top of your calculator? These are photovoltaic solar cells - they collect energy from light and turn it into electricity to power the device. Since calculators don’t use much power, they only need small solar cells to keep them running. And, they can be powered by artificial light indoors.

So while you’re wondering if that expensive graphing calculator really is worth the price, think about how cool these little sun-powered devices really are - even if you hate math.

4. Solar Keyboard

For all those papers your kid may need to type, consider a solar-powered keyboard.

Wires get in the way, and who wants to buy batteries? Get a free charge from the sun (or indoor light), and never worry about the keyboard dying in the middle of your kid’s work again.

5. Solar Watch

While most kids these days just use their phones to get the time, some people still prefer the classic style and fashion statement of a watch. With today’s solar tech, you’ll never need to worry about changing a watch battery again.

6. Solar Educational Kits/DIY Projects

Get hands-on and have fun with your kid with solar learning kits.

Build your own solar panel or solar powered gadget and teach your kid a lesson in just how cool science can be. Or, try a DIY solar panel for a science experiment.

K’nex even has a renewable energy building set to make all kinds of working machines, from wind, water, and solar power sources.

Don’t you wish you were a kid again so you could play with all these cool solar toys? (Shhh.. we won’t tell if you don’t!)

Kids learn by example, so the best way to teach them about renewable energy is to let them see it in use.

You can set an even better example for the next generation by showing them the solar panels on your home. Directly teach your kids how solar panels on your roof generate electricity, save on energy costs, and protect the environment from carbon emissions.

Who knows, maybe your child will take the lesson to heart and grow up to be the inventor of the next great advance in solar technology.

Either way, solar is good for our future, and our kids will lead the way towards that change. So let’s make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed, solar-powered or not.

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