The Advantages and The Ways Around The Disadvantages of Solar Power

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If you are considering getting a solar panel installation you have most likely already heard about your fair share of solar panel installation advertising, whether if it is through ads that promise ‘free solar panels’ or going to your local hardware store and being greeted by a perky solar salesman who is ready to get your name, address, and signature to sign up to get solar panels. But before you get a solar panel installation you should get to know the pros and cons of solar power as well as myths about solar panels that are being spread throughout the media.

The Pros and the Ways Around the Cons of Solar Power

Solar power is a revolutionary energy solution for any and every property owner, but like any energy decision, the choice to get solar-powered systems has multiple advantages and disadvantages you should keep in mind. Out of all of the common advantages of solar power as well as the disadvantages of solar panels, here’s a few of the most common:

Advantages of Solar Energy

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Lower your electric bill

Doesn’t work for every rooftop

Reduce your carbon footprint

Buying solar panels can be expensive

Combat rising electricity costs

Low electricity costs

These pros and cons of solar power are some of the top issues that prospective buyers of solar-powered systems. Listed below are some of the main concerns that solar power shoppers.

Advantages of Solar Power

Yes, there are both pros and cons to solar power, but then some of the biggest advantages of solar power.

Solar Power Can Either Drastically Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills

This is considered one of the biggest advantages of solar power when you get a solar panel installation for your home, you can generate your solar electricity, become less reliant on the electric utility and you can reduce your monthly electric bill. Solar-powered systems will typically have a lifespan of 25-35 years, which will mean that you can cut down your electricity costs for decades by the choice to go solar.

Cut Back on Your Carbon Emissions: The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy 

Solar energy is a clean source of renewable energy that can help cut back on your carbon dioxide emissions as well as major environmental benefits of solar energy. Unlike traditional fossil fuels such as coal and oil, solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment like carbon dioxide does when it is released into the atmosphere and the water supply. Even when it is compared to nuclear energy, solar energy comes out on top in terms of the environmental benefits of solar energy when they are being compared with other sources of energy.  

What many consider to possibly be the most admirable and patriotic advantages of solar power is the fact that there are many environmental benefits of solar energy while simultaneously helping out the country to make the necessary transition away from fossil fuels. In pursuing energy solutions to help the U.S. reduce overall emissions, our nation is also establishing independence to cease being very reliant on fossil fuel producers abroad. As the world searches for the most cost-effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint, in the face of global climate change, solar energy has become a trendy resource for a good reason.

Homeowners Are In Control of Electricity Costs

A lot of homeowners face anxiety when it comes to their electricity bills because, in most scenarios, there is not much that you can do to control what they are spending on your electricity bill when the electricity rates go. While the cost of solar energy has decreased by more than 70 percent in the past decade, the cost of electricity has risen by around five percent and the prices are only continuing to rise. When you go solar it puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to the energy generation process. Utilities are very quickly adopting sources of renewable energy and the U.S. government is increasing its goals for the greenhouse gas emission reduction, which means that there has never been a better time to get a solar panel installation.  

Disadvantages of Solar Power

When it comes to solar power, it is very important to note that it isn’t going to be a perfect fit for everyone, here are some disadvantages of solar power.

A Solar Panel Installation isn’t Perfect for Every Rooftop

When you get a solar panel installation on your rooftop, you will connect a mounting system to your roof. But certain materials are used on the older or historic homes, like slate or cedar tiles, it can be difficult for the installers of the solar-powered system to work with, which provides a roadblock for solar energy. Also, there are many homes and apartment buildings that will have skylights or other rooftop additions such as roof decks than makes the process of getting a solar panel installation harder or costly. This shouldn’t present a barrier to the mass adoption of solar power in the U.S. But if your home doesn’t qualify for rooftop solar panel installation, other options are available to you; such as ground-mount solar panels or community solar.

A Solar Panel Installation Can Be Costly

Nationally there’s a debate that is going on about how much homeowners are going to have to pay for solar panel installation. The total out-of-pocket price tag for solar-powered systems will depend on the tax credits, solar incentives and rebates and the financing option that you choose. Though you can easily figure out the average cost of solar in your state or even an estimate that is customized just for your home, the easiest answer is the that up-front cost of solar is sizable if you don’t qualify for a zero-down solar loan.

The disadvantage here is pretty obvious, not everyone has that much extra cash lying around to invest in solar-powered systems. However, there are quite a few solar financing options to help you get around this disadvantage to solar.

Low Electricity Costs Means Low Solar Savings

One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it reduces the use of electricity that is coming from the grid and will save you money each month as a result. But that condition assumes that a homeowner has an expensive electricity bill, to begin with. A homeowner in a state like Louisiana where the cost of electricity is 25 percent lower than the national average, but a solar panel installation in Hawaii is more attractive because the homeowners pay more than double the average electric rate.  

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