7 Backyard Solar Products to Keep Your Summer BBQ Lit

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With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time for a family barbecue or cookout with friends. While planning your event, it's important to make sure you've got power for all your gadgets, so you can keep the party turned on.

Instead of using power from the grid and spiking your electric bill, why not use the power of the sun? 

7 solar products for your backyard

Even if your home isn't installed with solar panels yet, you can still impress your friends and save energy with solar technology. Sun-powered gadgets abound nowadays, and there are plenty of cool products available to make your outdoor soirée the best that it can be.

Check out this list of neat backyard solar gadgets that will make your event the talk of the town.


1. Solar Grill

You can't have a cookout without something to cook on.

Let the sun cook your food (and I don't mean frying an egg on the asphalt) with a solar-powered grill. GoSun offers one for a mere $699, which can bake, roast, or steam a meal for up to 6 people at once.  There are also a variety of smaller, portable models available for camping or easy storage.

2. Solar Lighting

To keep the party going after the sun goes down, invest in solar-powered lights for your backyard.

These are charged during the day by sunlight, then turn on at night, saving you energy, while creating the perfect ambiance. Plus, there are tons of varieties available, including string lights, lanterns, flood lights, night lights, wedge lights, and more, so you can find the perfect design for your back patio.

3. Solar Speakers

Whether you're looking for soft background music or a full-on dance party, solar speakers will have your guests raving.

You can find speakers that look like stones to blend in and "rock" a natural vibe. Or, find portable, waterproof models for poolside fun. You can even get traditional mounting speakers for a more permanent installation, all powered by the sun so you can save on batteries and energy, and always have the tunes ready to play. Connect your device with Bluetooth to become DJ for the day, and let your musical talents shine.

4. Solar Entertainment Lounger

When your guests are ready to take a break, give them a place to sit and power their electronic devices, with a solar lounger. Stay cool in the shade or sunbathe, while using solar power to charge your entertainment devices. No more looking for the closest outlet or having to move indoors away from the action to charge your phone or tablet.

Kick back, grab a drink, and enjoy free power from the sun while you lounge.

5. Solar Patio Table

Since your whole party probably won't fit on the loungers at once, allow them to charge their devices on a solar patio table. While everyone sits around chatting, this cool little piece of furniture is collecting the sun's rays and converting them to energy, so nobody has to leave to get power.

So pull up a chair, plug in your device, and hang out for while.

6. Solar Bikini

...That's right, we said bikini.

Andrew Schneider of Brooklyn designed a swimsuit with solar panels that allows you to charge your devices using a USB connector. Get a nice tan and a charge, all while relaxing by the pool or at the beach. You can even take it into the water. 

The style of the suit is a bit armor-esque, but we certainly admire the innovation. 

7. Solar Dog House

Don't leave out man's best friend. Your dog can now go solar too!

With the latest design in "bark-itecture," your dog's home can be fitted with solar panels to power a mini air conditioning system, keeping your pup cool on those hot summer days. While you're out playing host, let your dog lounge comfortably in the shade and drool over the smells coming from your solar grill. He'll be sure to thank you fur it.

What's your favorite solar gadget? Leave us a note in the comments!

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