Interesting Solar Power Facts

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Interesting Facts About Solar Power

When it comes to solar power facts there are some well known solar power facts, such as solar panels cut the cost on energy bills or there are environmental benefits of solar energy. But when it comes down to all of the cool facts about solar panels and solar energy, chances are that most people don’t know all of the facts and benefits that come with solar energy, which is perfectly fine.

But it is very important to understand just what you’re getting into when it comes to signing up for solar energy. There are more interesting facts that will get more in the loop when you’re ready to invest in solar power for all of your home's power needs.

The First Photovoltaic Cells were Invented in 1941

Alexandre Edmond Becquerel first discovered the photovoltaic cells effect way back in 1839 - that is the ability to create an electrical current from the sun’s rays. Not too long after, Russel Ohl invented the first solar panels with photovoltaic cells in 1941 and the first commercial panel was put out by Bell Laboratories in 1954.

In today’s solar power world, groundbreaking history for solar panels is still being paved. There are industry-leading solar panel installations that are being installed on a daily basis.

One Hour of Sunlight Equals One Year’s Worth of Solar Energy for the Entire Earth

Solar power begins with solar energy, which is energy that is produced by the sun. When the sunbeams, solar energy can be stored in solar panels. These solar panels can then transform solar energy into solar power in two different ways - photovoltaic, which is a power used for electricity, and solar thermal, which is solar power that is used for heating.

The solar energy that is coming from the sun is more abundant energy source that is available on the Earth. With just one hour of direct sunlight, you could collect enough solar energy. There a lot of solar energy that you are able to squeeze out from the sun!

Solar Power in California is the Biggest Proponent in the United States

Solar power in California usage beat out every state and the amount of solar power in California is only growing with solar panels continuing to be installed at malls, and on solar panel farms.

The states that follow behind the production of solar power in California, as well as usage, re, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, d New Jersey. But, you can’t expect it to stay like that for long, as solar energy becomes more and more popular, solar panels are becoming more and more affordable, you can expect to see more states jump on board, expanding the overall solar energy market.

Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight to Produce Solar Power

Yep, it’s true, solar panels don’t need direct sunlight for them to produce solar energy.

The sun is by far the most abundant source of energy for solar panels to absorb and convert it into solar energy. Solar panels are able to capture different parts of the sun’s light. Therefore, if the sun’s not directly hitting the panels, or there are clouds out that day, this doesn’t mean that the sun’s energy isn’t being captured or isn’t being utilized by the photovoltaic cells that make up the solar panels to produce solar power.

A Solar Energy Investment Can Eventually Pay for Itself 

The switch to solar-powered systems can be pretty costly. But try not to let the initial cost of solar panels at face value, because of the overall amount that you end up saving by making the switch to solar power is where the actual value of the solar panels lie.

Once the solar-powered systems are installed, you will no longer have to pay for a heating or an electric bill and, after time, he amount that you will save on the electricity bill (which annually averages out to around $1,300 per household), will pay off your initial investment of solar-powered systems installation.

There’s also a 30% tax break that those who purchase solar panels can be eligible for. In some states they even offer programs that allow you to sell any excess solar power that your solar-powered systems generate, putting back directly into your pockets.

Solar Power Can Fuel Airplanes

Solar energy goes beyond simply using solar power for residential uses. Solar power can be used to power planes, trains, and automobiles. Yes, that’s right solar power can be used to power an airplane, in fact, more and more people are traveling using solely solar power.

The application of solar power outside homes and office buildings is just the start to maximizing the unlimited potential that solar energy technology has in changing the way we do out everyday tasks.

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