Which Solar Mount is Right for You and How to Save On Them

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Choose the Best Solar Mount for Your Project! 

If homeowners are considering going solar they have a few different options. It isn’t just solar brands that you have to choose from but you also have to choose from different types of mounts. Depending on the size or direction of your rooftop, it will determine the mount that is best for your home.


Rooftop Solar Panel Costs are Cheaper and Easier Solar Installs than Ground Mount Solar Panels - With a Catch


Because a rooftop mount panel is the most common, has fewer issues with difficult wiring, and does not need as many materials as a ground mount solar panels, a rooftop solar panel costs are going to be easier and cheaper solar install option. However, the condition of your roof may increase the price if you need to do repairs or replace it altogether. Solar panels can last anywhere from 25 to 40 years, so you’ll need to have a roof that can last as long as your panels. You won’t want to wait until after the solar panels are installed to fix and/or replace your roof, as uninstalling and re-installing the rooftop panels cost will be even more.


Rooftop Mount Solar Panels Take Up Less Space - With a Catch


Because you won’t have to sacrifice any part of your yard in order to install a rooftop mount solar panel, they’ll take up less space. However, the catch to that is that you also won’t have nearly as much space to place your panels. You’ll have to work within the limits of your rooftop.


Rooftop Mount Solar Panels Can Be Placed on the Back of Your Roof


If you’re worried about rooftop mount solar panels ruining the aesthetics of your roof and are considering a ground mount solar panels just for that reason, don’t make your final choice yet! Rooftop mount solar panels can be placed on the back of your roof, which means that the same (or less) amount of people will see them as the solar install you are getting are ground mount solar panels in your backyard: you and people you invite over.


Rooftop Mount Solar Panels are Limited by the Angles of Their Roof


Unlike ground mount solar panels, which can be placed and angled anywhere, rooftop mount solar panels are much more limited. If you have no south-facing section of your roof, you’ll have to choose somewhere else. If your roof is completely flat, you’ll either have flat panels or you’ll have to pay more to add a tilted racking system. You’ll also have to deal with things like shade and obstructions, which again, you won’t have much control over.


Cleaning and Repairing a Rooftop Mount Solar Panels Are More Difficult


Unlike ground mount solar panels, rooftop mount solar panels are much more difficult to reach for things like cleaning, inspection, and repairs. You should have a professional doing all your repairs, anyway, but if you live in a two-story home and can’t clean your panels without getting up on the roof, you’ll have to have a professional do it.



Ground Mount Solar Panels Will Cost More


Ground mount solar panel systems are probably going to end up costing you more than a traditional roof mount panel. This is because they require more materials, additional time to manufacture, and additional time for the solar install. A solar installer will want to put down a cement foundation, which increases the time it takes for a solar install, plus requires more materials than a roof mount panel will need. The process after placing the cement down is also more intensive, requiring additional wiring and more time to tilt it at the perfect angle.


Ground-Mount Solar Panels Take Up More Space


Ground mount solar panels are also going to take up a lot more space than if you go the traditional roof panel route. If you place your panels on your roof, obviously that won’t occupy any of your walking space. However, by placing a panel in your backyard or front yard, that decreases the amount of room you have in those areas. If you have a beautiful garden or are planning to install a pool, this might hinder your ability to do so. On the flip side of that, however, the additional space that ground mount solar panels takes up also increases the amount of energy they generate, meaning they will also help save you more money in the long run.


Ground Mount Solar Panels Could Either Increase or Hinder Aesthetics


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s up to you whether the aesthetics of your roof or yard are more important to you. If you have a gorgeous front and backyard and a huge solar panel array would ruin the aesthetics, these may not be the panels for you. However, if you love the way your roof looks and would hate to put bulky panels on top of it, adding a solar panel array to your backyard might be your top choice. After all, no one but you and people you invite over is going to see your backyard, anyway.


Ground Mount Solar Panels will Help You With Panel Orientation


A huge problem people have with the traditional roof mount panels is that they’re at the whim of the ways their roof is built. If their roof is facing north and has no tilt, they’re unlikely to get the most efficient panels they could be. Because of this, ground mount solar panels would be ideal for them, as they can be placed in any direction, oriented in any way, and can be placed in a perfect position to avoid shade.


Saving on Your Panel Mount


You know how to save money for the rainy day surprises. It's likely you are known as the hero of the hour in more that one occasion of your life. There are lots of ways to save money in life. Coupons, piggy banks, skipping having kids, we have all found a way to hack the system.


In the world of solar panels cost and solar panels pricing, looking into what kind of mount to use with your solar panels is vital. There are a few variances of mounts for connecting your solar panels to your home. Just like there are options for the solar panels cost themselves, the less expensive option is the least efficient and the more costly options are more efficient.


Fixed Mounts


Fixed solar mounts are your least expensive option when seeking the cheapest solar panels cost. These types of mount range in the $10-$15 areas. These are totally stationary mounts and cannot be re-adjusted to capture the dynamic sunlight of your area, regardless of weather and season. Installing this works best in sunny states like along the southwest where constant sunlight is the norm. It's important to realize that adjustments won't be as necessary in order to find the light, what your solar panels see is what they get. This fixed situation will show in its fixed ability to solve your energy needs.


Adjustable Mounts


Next on the tier of cheapest prices of solar installs mounts, is the adjustable mount. These little flexible contraptions land around the $50 price range for each panel. The really cool thing about these mounts is that they can be tilted depending on the strength of the sun or season. As you can see the costs for a solar adjustable mount can come in as more expensive than traditional fixed mounts, but this adds up to more energy efficiency. Adjusting the solar panels to grab that beautiful sun during all seasons will garner greater energy production. The adjustment ability can also end up being very helpful when the weather changes, as they can be put flat to avoid wind damage.

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