Big Companies Use Solar to Save Money and the Environment

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Companies Using Solar Power to Save Money

In today’s era of sources of renewable energy targets, the action isn’t just limited to political entities such as the federal government, states or individual cities. But there are actually quite a few large corporations that are jumping at the bit to join the sources of renewable energy market by promoting corporate sustainability programs or by directly contracting sources of renewable energy developers for mass solar panel installation and solar wind power energy farms that are specifically for the farm. As the solar wind power, energy and solar panels industries continue to grow, the corporate sources of renewable energy procurement and targets are all going to play a substantial role in driving sources of renewable energy to greater and greater heights.  

Why Sources of Renewable Energy? The Bigger the Company the More Electricity Used

Some of the major companies on the market today have had long corporate social responsibility or sustainability programs which give an increase in solar panel installation or the installation of other solar powered systems. The push for the major companies to contract directly for sources of renewable energy is a much new phenomenon in the solar energy world. In most cases the main reason that they are directly contracting the sources of renewable energy and it’s because they have realized that for the largest companies in today’s world, growth means that there’s increased electricity use.  

The largest companies in the world, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook, grow by increasing the amount of data centers they have powered their networks. The data centers all consume massive amounts of electricity which leaves the corporations with a rather large dilemma; how can a company continue to grow and still meet stated sustainability targets?

The quick answer: powering their new data centers with sources of renewable energy such as solar panels or solar wind power energy.

Three Methods of Accessing Sources of Renewable Energy

For the larger corporations, there will be around three key ways to fulfill sustainability targets. Companies like Apple have taken steps to get a solar panel installation at their headquarters in order to produce as much solar energy as possible on site. Another key example would be Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, where the plan is to run the whole facility off of clean solar energy that is produced by the solar panels that are on site.

The second approach is by sources of renewable energy credits (RECs). Sources of renewable energy credits is a method of tracking the actual amount of electricity that is produced from sources of renewable energy solar powered systems. When the companies purchase the sources of renewable energy credits, they are able to effectively offset their own electricity consumption by purchasing the equivalent amount of electricity that is produced by sources of renewable energy. There are 1852 companies that have 100% clean energy targets and most of them have this or a similar approach. Though the company may be paying for enough sources of renewable energy credits to cover their whole electrical bill, the actual electricity that’s; consumed by the company is still from their regular grid and will not directly be from the mass solar wind power energy farms or solar panels themselves.

The last approach is the contract directly with the sources of renewable energy developers to build mass solar panels or solar wind power energy farms that are explicitly for their company. The best resource for tracking these kinds of solar energy deals is the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewable Center. In 2018, corporate sources of renewable energy procurement’s jumped to over 6.5 gigawatts (million kilowatts) if sources of renewable energy capacity, more than doubling the total for 2017. According to Wood Mackenzie’s “10 trends shaping the global solar market in2019”, a quarter if all solar panel installation projects that were announced in 2018 were driven by corporate renewable procurement.

Tech Companies 

There’s a large number of technology companies leading the way for corporate sources of renewable energy procurement:


Facebook exceeds all companies when it came to getting solar energy from solar powered systems in 2018, in both the number of projects (22) as well as the overall capacity(nearly 2 gigawatts). The amount of sources renewable energy capacity that Facebook procured in 2018 alone is more than the total amount of solar energy that every single company procured from solar powered systems in 2016 combined. The company as a whole actually met its goal for 50% sources of renewable energy and has recently accelerated its efforts to power the whole company with 100% sources of renewable energy by 2020. Facebook also publishes transparent date on their sustainability page, which will demonstrate their performance on solar energy and water consumption as well as their carbon emissions.


Amazon is another company that has already hit a 50% sources of renewable energy target with ambitions to continue to 100% of its energy to come from solar powered systems. In order for Amazon to power every single one of their data servers, they have procured solar energy coming from six mass solar farms as well as three solar wind power energy projects, which combined will produce enough solar energy to power around two-hundred thousand homes. In fact, Amazon was one of the earliest movers in terms of corporate sources of renewable energy procurement, getting the most renewable capacity of any company in 2016 as well as the second most in 2015


April 2018 Apple announced that the company is globally powered by 100% sources of renewable energy. From the 17-megawatt solar panel installation on Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino to the 25 full-scale sources of renewable energy projects that Apple has around the world. The company’s goal is to meet its electricity demands exclusively with solar energy that is coming from solar powered systems that have been very robust and swift. Apple’s commitment to sources of renewable energy has had a trickle-down impact on their global suppliers, as 23 of its suppliers have committed it 100% sources of renewable energy as well.


Worldwide, Google was the very first company straight out of the gate to procure sources of renewable energy. By 2016, Google had already procured more than 2.5 gigawatts of combined solar energy coming from solar wind power energy as well as solar panel installations, they more than doubled the procurements of the next closest company. What is even more, Google is among the first companies to hit their target of 100% energy coming from sources of renewable energy.

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