Solar Power is a GROWING Industry

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The Solar Industry is GROWING

In America, the industry of solar panels is growing rapidly at a rate of 50% annually. Any industry that is growing at such rapid rates is going to see new and innovative advances, this is especially true in the solar powered systems industry. One of the designs in the solar powered systems industry is called the solar tree or the solar panel tree.

Some people may be thinking that all trees rely on solar power, yes it’s true. But the solar panel tree’s we are discussing don’t just rely on solar power, they help us make use of it.

The solar panel trees aren’t to be confused with mass solar panel farms or mass solar gardens. They also aren’t to be confused with the solar panel tree lights that are hanging around them.

What are Solar Panel Trees? 

Solar panel trees are a long pole with a solar panel installation on top of the light. The poles can support multiple solar panels in different spots, much like the branches on a tree.

These solar trees will fall under the broader category of a ground-mounted solar powered system. What makes this setup of solar panels different from other solar panels setups is the unique design that they have.

The concept emerged in different sources around the same time, making it hard to specifically say who was the first. Over the years, it was tested and refined by different manufacturers of solar panels from all over the world.

Why Solar Trees?

The key factors that make solar trees stand out:

Efficient Design

There are situations where space is limited, solar panel trees offer an option for the solar panel installation to consist of multiple layers of solar panels while maximizing the efficiency of a solar panel in the available area.

The Aesthetics 

The solar panel tree is designed to look good while maximizing the efficiency of a solar panel. When you’re comparing the way that standard solar panels are laid out, the solar panel trees are actually a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The way that a tree-shaped solar panel installation looks, is actually quite pleasing to the eye.

They Are Both Flexible and Compatible

Solar panel trees serve as an excellent option for properties where a solar panel installation on a rooftop isn’t an outing. It is also available to get an automatic sun tracking and in-built cleaning mechanism.  


Individuals who are looking to make a statement regarding sources of renewable energy and want to make it known that they stand in support can do so with the solar panel installation of a solar powered system that is disguised as a tree. Some of the most popular solar panel installations are solar tree’s and they were installed for solely that purpose.

Educate People 

They are also used as a means for people to get educated about solar panel installation and the technology that solar powered systems have and how they are being used at schools and institution around the world.

Potentially Enhanced Electricity Output

There are some solar panel trees that claim that the efficiency of a solar panel on their solar powered tree when comparing the solar power output to those on the standard solar panels that are covering the same amount of areas.

Solar Panel Tree Brands

Spotlight and Envision solar are the leading solar panel companies that make solar panel trees in America. We will first look at these two and then touch upon the other notable manufacturers around the world.

Spotlight and Envision solar are the leading manufacturers of solar trees in America. We first look at these two and then touch upon the other notable manufacturers around the world.

Spotlight Solar

Spotlight Solar is one of the solar panel companies that make solar panel trees and has a unique and simple design when it comes to their solar panel tree design. Solar spotlights intentions are to make sure the solar powered systems are more visible and compelling. The solar panel trees come in four different designs. The lift has two ‘branches’ with solar panels atop, one branch sits higher than the other. The curve has a single ‘trunk’ that curves outward with solar panels mounted on top. Then there’s the trestle, which has three separate branches that form a triangle with the solar panels. The last design of Spotlight solar, solar panels tree is the industry designed solar panel tee. The industry has four ‘branches’ with solar panels firmly mounted on top making a square shape.

The solar panel trees are available in over 200 different color schemes to choose from as well as options that have your brand’s logo embedded on the solar tree in order to make it look unique. Spotlight solar doesn’t offer any sun tracking capabilities for their solar powered systems, but because their design is so unique it can optimize solar panels production for different locations. Spotlight has already undertaken very notable projects, such as the solar panel installation at the Kennedy Space Center as well as installing their solar powered systems at the Florida Zoo.

Envision Solar  

Envision solar is also lead solar panel companies in the manufacturing of solar panel trees. Their solar panel trees are known for the usable and the efficiency of a solar panel that is installed on their solar powered system. But their design is less like a tree and it looks more like a carport.

The standard Envision solar panel tree has a single central tower, with a d35 square-foot 60-module solar panels, a solar array mounted on top. They come with a 30-year warranty on the photovoltaic cells and the inverter.

Envision also provides a custom solution for self-sustainable electric vehicle charging stations. In these stations, the solar powered systems that are stored in solar batteries and can use the solar power to charge electric vehicles.

This specific brand of solar trees comes with a patented sun tracking system installed. This can improve solar powered systems production by up to 25%.

Final Word On The Solar Tree

Solar trees offer a new way to collect energy. As the world moves towards adopting sources of renewable energy, such as adopting other solar powered systems, solar trees will serve the purpose of showcasing and celebrating solar power. As the solar panels technology can continue to develop and a lot more solar panel companies will begin to make solar panel trees, causing the cost of the solar panels to fall.  

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