Ground Mount Solar Systems, an Energy Optimizing All-Star

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Ground-Mount Solar Panels Can Help Optimize Energy Production

When considering going solar, most perspective solar buyers associate solar installation to be mounted on the roof. But what the majority of homeowners fail to consider is, it is possible for the solar panel installation to be a ground mount.

Ground mounts are just as efficient as roof mounting systems and they are very cost effective as well.

How to tell if a ground mount is the right solar system for you. 

In certain cases ground mounts are your best solar panel installation option.

Most homeowners prefer solar panels installed on their rooftop, however some of roofs are less than ideal for a rooftop mounts. When considering a solar installation these home owners are forced to consider ground mounts.

A ground mounted solar installation costs a little more than a rooftop solar installation. This is because there are additional labor charges and permitting for the installation of solar panels for ground mounts.

However, if your rooftop is shaded or there are other less than ideal circumstances that your roof poses, a ground mounted solar system will save you more money on the long run than the difference in solar installation costs between rooftop and ground mounts.

Another problem that rooftop mounts pose in regards to solar panel installation is, the roof has its own character obstacles that the panels would need to overcome. If the roof isn’t at the right angle, if your roof isn’t facing south, or if you have a chimney or a skylight, you solar panels will be less productive.

If you are considering a home solar installation and your household uses a lot of electricity, your roof might not be big enough for a solar systems that fulfills all of your electrical needs. If that’s the case a ground mount is what would be best for you.

Two different types of ground mounts

When considering having ground mount solar panels installed at your house, you should keep in mind that there are two different types of systems. There’s standard ground mounts and pole mounted solar systems.

Standard ground mounts:

This is the ground mounted solar panel installation that is the most common. With the solar installation mounting process, several poles are planted firm in the ground and a racking system is placed on the top of the poles to place the solar panels on.

This solar installation mounting process is similar to assembling a fence. You would start the process off by digging a few holes that are several feet deep, then you would plant the poles in the holes and top them off by filling the holes in with concrete.

Another thing to note when it comes to ground mounted solar systems is, the angles that the panels are places at is permanent. This is a cost-effective benefit because the panels are angled towards the sun.

Pole mounted  

This mounting system has multiple solar panels installed on a single pole. This pole has the panels elevated higher up than a standard ground mount would have them. It also has a tracking system that will automatically tilt the panels so they capture the optimal amount of energy coming from the sun.

This tracking system is known to increase the solar panels installed production by at least 25 percent. One cool option that you will have if you decide to add a tracking system to your solar system, if the option of a single-axis or a dual-axis system.

A single-axis tracking system moves the solar panels installed during the day to follow the sun as it moves. A dual-axis system moves the panels based on the seasonal variations of the sun’s position.

Ground mounted solar systems offer homeowners benefits 

Regardless if you are a qualified for a roof mounted solar installation or not, there are many benefits to having your installation of solar panels mounted on the ground.

When you get solar panels installed as ground mounts they are easier to place than a rooftop solar installation. For a ground mount solar panel installation, there aren’t any holes that are drilled in the roof and the ground mount system are light and easy to remove.

Ground mount solar panel installations can also be a lot more productive per panel than a rooftop solar array. Ground mount solar installations are installed at the perfect angle to optimize energy production.

The ground mount solar installations are also easy to clean and keep up on maintenance. It also helps if you live in an area with a lot of snow because you can just sweep the snow right off the solar panels.

Interested in a ground mount solar installation?

Ground mount solar panel installation are an option that is offered by most solar installers. The ground mount solar installation costs are very comparable with rooftop costs and the savings will result in higher savings.  

If you decide to get a ground mount system and you would like a tracking system installed there is a an additional cost that you will pay, but in the end it will help you maximize the energy production of your solar panels.

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