Solar is our best tool to prevent global warming

Millie HennickNovember 5, 20185350

Solar is our best tool to prevent global warming

The world is changing and there's a choice to be made by voters in democracies all over the world. Do we want to be controlled by oil, coal and nuclear interests? Or do we want to wake up and get on board with renewable energy? How many news reports of dangerous weather conditions will we experience before our lawmakers get a clue? This summer, frightful weather trends are causing hundreds of deaths from Japan to Canada. The burning of fossil fuels is the main offender according to scientists. The earth is warming to such an extent that methane trapped in the permafrost is being released into the atmosphere at a terrifying rate. Without a serious dedication to renewable energy sources, the inhabitants of the earth are doomed to many threats such as rising sea levels, continued choking pollution and many other little-publicized impacts. The time to switch to solar energy is now before it’s too late. There is a number of advantages for installing a solar power system. For many American homeowners, the biggest appeal to solar power is that once the cost of installation is paid off, the energy is free. So the only real question is whether the payback period on the investment is better than the returns they would get from investing their money in other ways. Most homeowners are now more interested in the financial advantages of installing solar rather than environmental gains.

Solar energy is an energy source that is needed desperately today

NASA predicts that the sun will shine for another 6.5 billion years. The surface of the earth receives 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation (sunlight) – 20,000 times more energy than what is needed to supply the entire planet. Harnessing solar power does not cause pollution. There are some emissions associated with the production and installation of solar energy materials but these emanations are negligible when compared to generating electricity from fossil fuels.

Community solar can be used to master installation issues

Because of shade, inadequate space and ownership problems many American domiciles are currently unfit for solar panels. With the introduction of shared solar power, homeowners can subscribe to "community solar gardens", and generate solar power without actually having solar panels on their own rooftops. The advantage of this is that installation costs are reduced if large numbers of panels are installed in one location. The legislation is needed to enable community solar in each state.  Fortunately,  there are no moving parts required in solar power systems. This means there is no noise linked with photovoltaics. This compares well to other renewable technologies such as wind turbines. Because there are no moving parts there is no noise pollution from solar technologies either.

Technology is improving constantly

New solar technologies are being invented regularly. Technological improvements are perpetually being made in the composition of the solar equipment. As the cells in solar panels become more efficient at turning solar energy into electricity, the amount of space required to produce solar power will decrease.

There has never been a better time to install a solar energy system! That's because the prices for solar panels remains low and the need remains extremely high. In other words, in order to meet climate targets, we will need many millions of solar installations to dominate the energy landscape immediately. Financial incentives in addition to the pride of generating your own power will make a huge difference in the number of solar installations we are likely to see in the near term.

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