Solar vs. the earth

Millie HennickNovember 1, 20189150

Solar vs. the earth

Researchers who specialize in climate have reported the devastating consequences of global warming for many years. Unfortunately, policymakers are subject to corruption which illustrates why some countries are going ahead with solar technology and some are not. There is an ongoing debate between solar energy and fossil fuels. It’s clear that fossil fuels are a finite resource assumed to last only another 50 years at current projections. Fossil fuels need to be phased out quickly since the world is still subordinate to these dirty sources of energy. In reality, fossil fuels still provide power for most of the planet, while renewable resources like solar and wind only add a small amount of global energy capacity. The change to solar energy is occurring quickly in Germany, China, India, and the United States.

Solar energy and fossil fuels

Education is necessary to notify people about advances that make renewable energy sources a viable possibility for individuals and businesses. In terms of environmental impact, solar power is a drastically cleaner and more efficient form of energy than fossil fuels. Coal and natural gas have the edge in current availability. But solar is catching on quickly and will be the principal form of energy in the next decades. The most accurate way to compare solar to fossil fuels is by cost, where solar has rapidly caught up with its filthy counterparts.

Is solar power cheaper than coal now?

Comparing the cost of energy sources is not an easy exercise. Government subsidies play an influential role in forming the growth potential for a new power source. This means that making a direct correlation between the costs of solar energy vs. fossil fuels side-by-side is a difficult task. When we compare the cost of solar energy vs. fossil fuels, we have to factor in the subsidies that cause renewable investment in the United States. In the case of solar power, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) covers nearly 33 percent of any U.S. solar installation and will do so until 2021 for the residential sector. The commercial sector will preserve a permanent ten percent tax credit for solar. Renewable energy skeptics have criticized the ITC for being a costly taxpayer-funded incentive. The reality is that this short-lived subsidy represents only a little amount of the money that U.S. taxpayers are spending each year to subsidize fossil fuels. Without any subsidies, solar is probably the cheapest energy source in the world, as demonstrated by record-low power purchase agreements in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Chile. Solar’s trend in low price is likely to continue: unlike oil, gas, and coal, and nuclear, solar PV is a technology, not a fuel – meaning that its costs will continue to drop every year as research continues and technology improves.

There has never been a better time to install a solar energy system!

Solar power is here to stay, and the sooner you explore how much you can save, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar power. What is the best reason to install solar panels? That depends upon your perspective. Are you motivated by a clean conscience, knowing that you will be generating your own power and not contributing to global warming? Perhaps finances are a bigger concern for you right now. Solar panel prices are still reasonable and incentives and rebates are available to those who want to get on the solar bandwagon. Imagine generating your own power and eliminating your electric bill forever! Sounds good, right? You can go to sleep every night knowing you did your part to help with climate change.

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