Which Solar Panel Saves The Most?

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Which Solar Panel Saves The Most?

Solar panel purchasing is tricky. Options like durability, average lifespan, warranty, efficiency and power output are significant factors for your consideration. Lastly, you are maybe wondering if panel prices are too high or not. The price of panels can sometimes appear to be very low, but if you look, you may notice they don't produce much power (watts). Always estimate the cost of panels based on the quality and power generating a capacity of the panel, not just the retail sticker price.

When it comes to attempting to determine the correct size needed for your home or business' solar panel system, you can rely on us to help you. We are the fact finders of the solar industry, so there is no need to be confused on what scale of a system will work for you.

Proportion And Price

One primary consideration to be wary of when thinking about your panel cost of that as the size of the system grows, so can the price of your solar system purchase. And, conversely, and maybe surprisingly, the cost per watt will often decrease. It's important to consider this equation as you head into planning out your solar panel building dreams. Typically there is an added amount to the cost per watt for small systems of 3 kW or less. Let's face it, the materials and installers are coming for free. We must consider that there is a fixed overhead for a solar company when jumping into working with any client, regardless of system size, regardless of state. When the size of a system is small in prices for the install, there is a need to reflect this in the overall deal. It is typical in this scenario that the cost per watt will be higher. Often the customer will find that for these small systems cost per watt is still usually over $4 per watt prior to state or federal benefits.


Using simple math can be your guiding force when trying to find your perfect price for renewable energy. Systems costs are typically shown as $ per watt, and this is important as the system gets larger. In the typical residential sized system that many of us will be seeking of around 6kw the cost per watt, a cash purchase is now as low as $3 per watt for some reasonable quality systems. Using cash to will bring you significant savings.


Price Per Watt On Different Types Of Panels

There are three types of panels including single crystal, they are known as (mono-crystalline), poly-crystal (multi-crystalline) and amorphous silicon. Don't get to overwhelmed, we are just getting you familiar so that you can find the best deal possible when buying solar.


Let's start with single crystal panels. Single crystal is the most effective type available, meaning that they produce the most power per square foot of module, making them one of the most expensive at a price of about $4-$6 per watt average. The price of panels like this is high, however, the gains in power output make it worth the purchase.


Next, we have the polycrystal panel. Polycrystal panels are typically less efficient, yet, are less pricey at $3-$5 per watt average. The cost of panels like this is usually lower, but you'll lose a touch of efficiency.


Lastly, the amorphous silicon panels are a reasonably typical option. Amorphous silicon panels or thin film solar panels are less efficient, require more space, but are more flexible and can be mounted easily on roofing tiles or shingles. These are the least expensive panels available at a price of about $2-$4 per watt average. The cost of panels of this nature will come in with the lowest sticker price of the lot; however, you will witness the loss efficiency, and it will take more of them by comparison to achieve similar energy outputs of the other kinds.

Have a look at this price guideline for potential quality multi-crystalline panels.


A 15 watt solar panel = price of $50 - $100.

A 40-watt solar panel =price of $200 - $300.

A 100 watt solar panel = price of $300 - $500.

A 200-watt solar panel = price of $500-$900.

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