Saving on Your Panel Mount

Adrienne SorensenOctober 30, 2018 960 0

Saving on Your Panel Mount

You know how to save money for the rainy day surprises. It's likely you are known as the hero of the hour in more that one occasion of your life. There are lots of ways to save money in life. Coupons, piggy banks, skipping having kids, we have all found a way to hack the system.


In the world of costs of panel installation and panel pricing, looking into what kind of mount to use with your panel system is vital. There are 3 variances of mounts for connecting your panels to your home. Just like there are options for the costs of panels themselves, the less expensive option is the least efficient and the more costly options are more efficient.

Fixed Mounts

Fixed Solar Mounts are your least expensive option when seeking the cheapest prices of solar. These types of mount range in the $10-$15 area. These are totally stationary mounts and cannot be re-adjusted to capture the dynamic sunlight of your area, regardless of weather and season. Installing this works best in sunny states like along the southwest where constant sunlight is the norm. It's important to realize that adjustments won't be as necessary in order to find the light, what your solar sees is what it gets. This fixed situation will show in its fixed ability to solve your energy needs.

Adjustable Mounts

Next on the tier of cheapest prices of installation mounts, is the adjustable mount. These little flexible contraptions land around the $50 price range for each panel. The really cool thing about these mounts is that they can be tilted depending on the strength of the sun or season. As you can see the costs for a solar adjustable mount can come in as more expensive than traditionally fixed mounts, but this adds up to more energy efficiency. Adjusting the panels to grab that beautiful sun during all seasons will garner greater energy production. The adjustment ability can also end up being very helpful when the weather changes, as they can be put flat to avoid wind damage.

Tracking Mounts

The top end of price for solar panel mounts comes with tracking mounts. These high-tech and slick contraptions will bring approximately the $500-$3,000 price range for each panel. These top price solar mounts actually follow the movement of the sun throughout the day and provides the best efficiency your money can buy. Remember that the amount of power you will be able to produce depends not only your location but also the actual panel construction and mounting.


Like all things, it's important to remember the rule that you get what you pay for. In the case of these solar mounts, although the original cost for tracking is higher, these type of mounts bring the highest return on investment, every ray of sunlight counts on these babies. In fact, one might experience a 45% energy production gain with tracking mounts.

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