How Solar Will Save You Money

Ashleigh AngellOctober 22, 20184180

How Solar Will Save You Money

If you want to stop paying as much as you are for traditional power, solar is your answer. Because of fossil fuels running low, the prices of traditional keep fluctuating in an upward slope, and you may be extremely concerned about how much you’re paying on your energy bills. You’re no doubt thinking there must be a better way, and luckily for you, there is. Solar energy can offer significantly reduced power bills for a lifetime, and you can start saving as soon as you install a solar system. Having more money in your pocket is just one of the advantages of using the sun’s clean, renewable energy to power your home. Perhaps you’re wondering whether you can afford to add solar to your house or if it will actually have much of an impact. Keep reading this blog to learn exactly how solar can help save you money.

What solar can do for your home.

The savings that come with switching to solar is now the main reason people are making the switch. It makes sense to choose a solution that can deliver a reliable power supply to your home at a reduced price. Most customers choose a hybrid model that combines being on the grid (I.e. still with a utility company) with off the grid (I.e. producing all your own excess power to keep your home running). This option gives you control, with back-up from the main electricity grid when you need it. You’ll only be using energy from the grid if you need it, and on top of that, because you’ll be on the grid, you’ll also be able to sell any excess energy that you generate.

How much you’ll save when you switch to solar. 

There are set-up costs for installing a solar system, so households that use a lot of power will benefit more initially, as their savings will more quickly pay off the investment cost. However, solar can be effectively generated and used by any type of household so you can start saving money straight away. Individual results will vary, but as long as you get the appropriate amount of panels and choose quality installers, you should be able to save as much as 50-90% depending on which time of year it is.

Certain factors will help you save more money than others.

Several factors can impact how much you save with solar. Learning more about these will help you understand their influence on your solar energy production and determine how quickly your investment will pay off.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right number of quality panels. The size and efficiency of your solar panels play a big part in the amount of energy they generate. Put simply, the more efficient a solar panel is, the more electricity it will create from sunlight, which means more long-term savings.

You’ll also need to consider how much you spend on your system versus how much you save over time. It’s also worth considering how much power your household uses and the cost of solar installation. These two factors will have a major impact on how soon you recover the investment cost.

Choosing to get battery storage will cost you more, but it could also end up saving you more. If you opt for a system with battery storage and generate more solar power than you use, you can sell this back to the grid. So, it’s worth bearing this in mind when doing your calculations.

When it comes to going solar, savings are a no-brainer.

There’s no question that in the long term, solar will save you money. So what are you waiting for? Start on your solar journey right now and get tons more useful information and resources when you check out the HahaSmart blog!

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