The solar energy alternative

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The solar energy alternative

There is no longer any mystery about the attraction of solar energy. News reports tell us almost every day about some disturbing event around the world that is caused by global warming. For example, Japan is experiencing their hottest summer since weather records have been filed. Many premature deaths are the consequence and Japan is just the most obvious example of this. Reports of record heat have been collected from Canada, Europe, and here in the United States. Killer wildfires and deadly droughts are two of the more notable examples of the effects of global warming. So how do we cope with this dilemma that destroys so many? There is currently only one functional answer: solar power.

Solar incentives have been prolonged to 2019

Currently, plentiful subsidies and other incentives are ready to motivate the installation of solar power. But how long will they be around for?  Many governments have changed or reduced rebates and incentives with little or no warning on some occasions. When these support programs are changed, the trend has been to less generous incentives that are sometimes not providing adequately to motivate a solar investment. Today consumers can get thousands in rebates on a residential solar power system.

Solar panels will enable you to make your own energy

Solar panel prices are still declining, but tariffs levied against China’s solar panels are making users more reticent to make the solar investment. So there’s no greater time than the present to install solar. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? Get a quote for home solar power now or take your electricity bill, contact our team and they will let you know how much you will save using various solar power configurations.

Beat the emerging electricity price rises

While electricity price increases have dropped off in recent times in some locations, it’s unlikely the situation will continue that way. There's a volatility in fossil fuel markets that makes solar power especially fresh. Often, just prior to major electricity price hikes, there is a lot of interest in home solar. Real estate professionals highly support home and business owners to install solar if possible, since it’s a great selling point for existing homes. Scientists tell us we must install a lot more solar in order to reach our climate aims and we must also use our current power more efficiently also. Installing solar can be contagious in a neighborhood and it benefits everyone's air quality and makes us less dependent on foreign sources of power.

Home improvement with solar means saving real money

Considering marketing your home soon? The real estate market is increasingly tending towards environmentally friendly features and home buyers will pay more for high-quality energy-saving characteristics. For example, picture two similar properties; the difference being one has a solar power system that you’ve connected. This almost always gives you an edge in a competitive real estate market. Who wouldn't want to kill their electric bill and generate their own energy while helping save the environment? Studies show that real estate values rise substantially with solar panels installed. Unlike home improvements such as a pool, a solar power system is a very low maintenance and it can provide you with long-term ongoing financial benefits. In fact, solar can give one of the best returns on investment available today.

Solar power is here to stay, and the sooner you explore how much you can save, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar power. The time to install a solar energy system is now.

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