How to Install an Energy Efficient Home

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How to Install an Energy Efficient Home

If you’re thinking about going solar, you’re probably considering all the ways you can get your home energy efficient. If you’re also thinking of building a whole new home to put your solar panels on, you can start making it green and renewable from the ground up. This guide will include ways you can ensure your brand new home is totally energy efficient so you can have the perfect green home that will make your solar panel system as efficient as possible in bringing renewable energy into your home and lifestyle.

Green appliances will save you money and draw less power.

Investing in green appliances like fridges and washing machines use less power and will, therefore, save you more money. Not only will they need less power, but on top of that, them needing less power will also mean your panels will need to use less energy in order to power them. This means that you’ll need fewer panels when you install your solar system and will save on both your initial installation costs and your costs over time.

Use passive solar to your advantage.

Panels aren’t the only way to keep your home solar and energy efficient. Another way is by providing your home with passive solar. This means that doing things like building with dense materials such as ceramic tile, concrete, stone, and brick, which will help keep heat in. Click here for a full guide on how to utilize passive solar.

LED light bulbs are much more efficient.

Investing in all LED lighting will increase your energy efficiency, will last longer, and are more eco-friendly. Not only will they have 5x the energy efficiency as a CFL bulb for far more time, but when it’s time to dispose of them, they won’t be nearly as harmful on the environment.

Installing solar panels.

If you’re on this blog, you’re probably interested in solar energy. Getting solar panels is the absolute best way to increase the efficiency of your home. If you install solar right from the start of your home’s construction, you’ll already be saving money and helping the environment from the get-go.

Don’t use more water than you need.

Decreasing the amount of water you use will save you a ton of money on your water and sewage bills. Using the least amount of hot water possible is the main way of increasing the efficiency of your energy with your water.

Apply solar wherever you can.

Aside from passive solar and solar panels, there are so many various ways to install solar on your home and save you money. A solar-powered pool will save you a ton of money if you’re planning on filling a pool with tons of water. A solar-powered driveway can power up an electric car if you have one so you’ll always be ready to go, and if it’s outside, it can be powered directly from the sun instead of using your roof panel’s energy. Solar-powered lights in your yard can be powered directly from the sun to decrease the energy usage from your panels. Solar powered phone chargers can be placed outside so you won’t need to get the power from the wall. There are tons of technologies that can be fused with solar to increase your efficiency.

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