Solar is the mother of alt energy

Millie HennickOctober 18, 20184980

Solar is the mother of alt energy

Climate change is a reality that cannot be neglected any longer. The earth only has another half-century of fossil fuels left. After gas and coal reserves are consumed, the world will have few other alternatives. In theory, we could continue to drill for dead animals in exceptionally sensitive areas, but this is a strategy that has caused substantial damage to the sea and the land. We are being made to adopt alternative energy policies by the enormous amount of pollution we have already generated. However, before then, it’s greatly important that we develop renewable sources of energy because scientists report that we may already be too late. Greenhouse discharges are causing health problems for people all over the planet and the most defenseless are our very young and very old. Solar energy systems are the leading source of renewable energy for our homes and businesses, with increasingly more individuals and companies deciding to have them installed. We are also experiencing an increase in the number of solar farms that are being built, all of which is good news for mother earth. Clearly, in this age of widespread pollution, it is important to understand why solar energy is good for the environment.

The many benefits of solar for the earth

Solar panels have diverse benefits for the environment due to their lack of emissions when running. Utilizing solar energy diminishes the energy you use from the electrical grid. Of course, solar power doesn’t operate at night, so for those who don’t have solar batteries installed, they still need to be combined to the national grid if they don’t have enough energy to run the home at night. However, it is still massively decreasing their dependence on the national electrical grid.

No greenhouse gases are released with solar

As solar energy depends entirely on collecting energy from the sun and converting it into electricity (or hot water) for use in our homes and businesses. Using solar power means that you are not creating any greenhouse gases or contributing to global warming. It can diminish the carbon footprint of your home by 80% in one year.

Solar power has an almost endless capacity

Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy. This means that there is plenty of it to go around because it is an energy source that won’t run out (not for another few billion years anyway). Fossil fuels are a finite source of power and one that we destroy the planet with when we mine and distribute it. By relying on solar panels, you are one less household that is relying on fossil fuels, and it can make a bigger impression than you might think.

They last a long time and demand little maintenance

The manufacturing process for solar panels is not ideal, but the fact that they last so long and don’t need much maintenance is a hugely positive fact. Conventional heating methods need relatively regular replacement and maintenance, which can cause a lot of environmentally unfriendly waste, as well as further the need for more units to be made. Solar panels last about 50 years, so it's quite possible your solar panels will outlive you. If you can afford the initial investment for solar, you can save money every month on your electric bill and it will take little time for your initial investment to pay for itself. In addition, you will feel great knowing that you are generating your own power without relying on dangerous fossil fuels.

Make the switch to solar today!

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