Monthly Care of Your Solar System

Ashleigh AngellOctober 16, 20184090

Monthly Care of Your Solar System

You’ve often heard how easy solar panels are to take care of, and that’s true! However, there are still a few things you’ll need to watch out for each month. Doing these regular inspections will help you avoid any potential dangers - either to your solar system or to your safety. You’ll want to make sure you thoroughly research everything about your solar system, first and foremost, and ensure that you understand how your installer set up each component of your solar system. Keep in mind that this guide is meant to teach you what to look for so you can contact a professional if you notice something wrong, and it is not intended to imply you should repair anything yourself.

Keep your panels clear of dirt and debris.

The first thing you’ll want to make sure you regularly do is keeping your panels clean and clear. Doing so will avoid the lowering of your system’s efficiency. Anything that causes shading or blocking of the light from the sun reaching your panels can lower their efficiency.

When it is time to clean the panels, always do so with safety first. A hose or a brush long enough to reach your panels are great ways of cleaning them. However, if they’re too far away, or if they need a more thorough cleaning than anything a hose or brush can do, be sure to contact a professional and do not attempt to climb up and clean the system by yourself. You’re not only at risk of hurting yourself, but you’re also at risk of damaging the panels.

Look for any degradation of your mounting system.

No matter how well your mounting and racking systems were installed, all systems are at risk for degradation and penetration. You’ll want to look up regularly and check to see if you can find any drainage or breakage. Also look to see if there are any missing pieces from the mounts on or around your roof. Even if you can’t see anything, you’ll also want to go up to your attic and see if you can find any leaks from where the panels are installed. If you do notice anything, contact your solar company immediately, but do not try to do anything yourself. If you do find leaks, you’re at extreme risk of electric shock if you start messing with it.

Look for corrosion on the panels.

While this isn’t something you should be that worried about, you’ll still want to regularly check the panels for any corrosion so that you’ll be prepared to call a professional if one is found. Corrosion could cause a serious panel breakdown, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be on the lookout for any broken glass.

Similarly, the glass of solar panels is tested vigorously and is unlikely to break. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, especially in conditions like hail storms. If you do see them, contact your installer right away, as that is a huge safety hazard. Unfortunately, you’ll have to have your system shut down to repair something like that, but that’s nothing compared to the scary safety situation broken glass brings.

See if you can spot any faulty wires.

Faulty wires are often difficult to spot with the naked eye, especially if that’s not something you’re trained to look for. However, thanks to things like websites and apps that keep track of your solar power system, you’ll instantly be alerted if your panels start underperforming. If they do, that’s more often than not caused by faulty wires in the inverter, and you’ll be able to contact your installer before it becomes anything serious.

Get regular inspections.

You shouldn’t be the only one inspecting your system. Getting one each year is how to ensure your system keeps running smoothly and any issues that you aren’t trained to catch are found by someone who knows what to look for.

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