Picking the perfect battery for your solar system.

Ashleigh AngellOctober 11, 20188800

Picking the perfect battery for your solar system.

You’ve heard the great benefits of storing your excess energy in batteries. Choosing the correct battery depends on multiple variables such as application, budget, and expectations for upkeep. Your living situation will help assess the smartest battery choice. Keep reading to learn our suggested choices of batteries depending on which part of your solar system you need them for.

Off-grid homes need batteries for daily usage.

If you live in an off-grid home most of the time, you’ll need a battery that can keep up with your power demands daily. Our suggestion for the best overall battery for off-grid homes is the Discover 48V Lithium battery. It has a long lifespan and is flexible if you are to expand your system in the future. Lithium batteries are a premium storage choice that have a longer lifespan that charges quicker than other battery types. Since they can do deeper discharges, you’ll need less capacity. It’s easier to expand your system long term. The battery operates independently with its own internal Battery Management System (BMS). The batteries can handle long periods of time without being charged. The top value battery for off-grid systems is the Crown CR430 flooded lead-acid battery. Those who live off-grid tend to be more comfortable with DIY projects. If you don’t mind doing the occasional tune-up on your battery, this is a great choice. Crown is a reliable American manufacturer and is economical.

Off-grid homes just for vacationing.

You’ll need a battery that doesn’t need regular maintenance if you only use it when you go on vacation, as you won’t be able to take care of it when you’re not there. A sealed AGM battery, the Crown 6CRV390 is a savvy choice. The smaller capacity is acceptable because you don’t need year-round storage. These batteries are cheap, as well. We’d also recommend the 415Ah FullRiver DC400-6 because it has slightly more capacity and a longer warranty at a higher price point.

On-grid homes with backup batteries.

If you have a grid-tied system with battery backup for emergencies, you’ll only use it when your power goes out. I recommend the same battery as above: the Crown 6CRV390 with a sealed AGM. This is because you’ll want a low maintenance battery, and you won’t want to pay for extra storage you aren’t going to be using.

On-grid homes that sell their excess energy.

Energy storage permits you to store daytime energy and sell it to the utility company for a profit. I recommend the Enphase IQ Battery. It’s designed to store energy and sell back during peak use periods. It tracks usage rates and available energy storage to optimize the best time to sell excess energy back. This protect you from changes in utility rates. This is a must if you live in an area with time of use rates (TOU), high demand charges, or no net metering. It’s easy to install and monitoring tools make this ideal for someone looking to resell the energy.

RV, remote industrial, and small off-grid use.

For light use on something like an RV, we recommend the Crown 6CRV220 sealed AGM battery. We’d recommend this battery for boats and RVs, or just any application where space is minimal, so you just need to power the essentials.

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