Should you go for used panels?

Ashleigh AngellOctober 10, 20188440

Should you go for used panels?

Vehicle purchasing can be a headache for all families and individuals. We all want to make sure we get the most time on the road for the lowest dollar. Buying a new car can immediately equate into a depreciated value for the car, so we often seek slightly used. This method of purchasing can level the dollar spending field. The same concept can be applied to solar panel buying schema as well. Homeowners may consider purchasing used solar panels to reduce out-of-pocket costs. Are used solar panels the best option for your residential power system? Let's see if used is better and how some of the drawbacks might look.  

What is the difference in a used solar panel?

Thank goodness for the internet. Whether we are seeking used or new, the global marketplace will mean savings, as more companies compete for your prices. But, before we start our purchase, let's explore the definition of used panels. They are typically panels that have been part of past solar system installation and are still functioning. Since the panel might have a reasonable amount of time left in them for producing energy, they can be placed back into the marketplace for our savings needs. You might want to search high and low across the digital market for used solar panels. There is no exception in the search for low-cost solar options.  Solar panels that have already been used in a power system often end up on online auctions and resale websites. This reduction of material costs much less than brand new parts from the manufacturer and makes it manageable for dollar-strapped homeowners to afford new home installations. Nonetheless, it's important to know why the used panel is up for sale, so contact the dealer if possible.

Why would you not want a used panel?

There is a wide range of used solar panels on the digital market. From almost new to damaged, the options must be weighed out with their potential drawbacks. Remember, a warranty will not protect many of these products. Many used solar panels come from dismantled, previously installed systems. If an expert installer does not remove the equipment properly, there could be some damage caused in the process. Not all used panels are damaged; however, those that are damaged will demonstrate reduced efficiency. Although functional, they do not produce as much power as a from-the-manufacturer unit. In some cases, the prior owner decided to dismantle their solar power system. These panels may have no defects beyond normal wear-and-tear. Make sure you find out why the solar panels have been put up for sale before you buy to ensure you’re preparing the right equipment for your system.

Will used panels save me money?

A new panel will garner a higher-cost due to its guarantee of functionality by most solar companies. This assurance of quality can be worth more than money in hand. However, if you are looking for a quick and reduced cost at risk, then maybe used solar is for you. If you launch your browser and see what's out there, you will find many options for cheap and used panels.  A fast internet search produces a long list of online retailers selling used solar panels. Costs range by business, condition, location, and proposed a mode of usage. Follow these actions to estimate your savings from a used panel purchase.

Making the right decision.

It is important to remember that the used equipment, although comes with a low sticker price, can come with many unforeseen shortcomings. Sometimes we must hold on the mantra of, "you get what you pay for." Buying new can provide a peace of mind that a used system cannot, as if something goes wrong, it will probably be taken care of by your provider.   

Unlike new panels, used panels don’t extend warranties. If your equipment is determined to be faulty after installation, you will be entirely accountable for the costs of replacement or servicing.

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