The importance of solar energy

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The importance of solar energy

It is no surprise that solar power is experiencing a tremendous growth spurt. The latest climate projections suggest that we have been much too lax in coping with global warming. Due to the burning of fossil fuels, our planet is experiencing rapid deterioration. Solar power appears to be our only hope at the present time. But how are solar panels made and how do they aid us in the search for clean, renewable energy?

Elemental silicon has had a major impact on the human race. Silicon, found in sand, has the extraordinary ability to generate electricity when light strikes it. This "photovoltaic" effect enables sunlight to run watches, power spacecraft,  and provide electricity for homes and businesses. Clean, renewable energy from the sun is the best alternative to "dirty," nonrenewable fossil fuel. However, in some situations, that free energy impacts our environment.

Secrets of collecting electricity from the sun

Solar panels comprising small solar cells are examples of photovoltaic products. Devices that use solar thermal technology focus sunlight on liquid that heats the water to produce steam. Energy from the steam turns a generator that creates electricity. Solar power plants generate electricity for multitudinous consumers using this method.

Minimal solar power impacts on the earth

For example, a solar-powered parking meter demands no fuel, and it releases no toxins into the environment. When companies create photovoltaic wafers that go into solar cells, the production process forms a small amount of hazardous material. Workers must manage it carefully to prevent environmental and health difficulties. When some solar cells break, they become hazardous waste and must also be handled with care.

Solar energy's negative effects on land and wildlife

It is becoming increasingly popular for homes and small businesses to install solar panels on roofs. Because that installation occurs on existing developments, photovoltaic systems do not consume large amounts of land that you could use for other applications. However, solar-thermal systems can sometimes use a great amount of land depending on the type of technology you use and the facility's size. If a new solar energy installation entails land use, it could have a negative impact on wildlife habitat in the area. Off-grid PV systems sometimes have disposable batteries that store energy when the sun shines so you can use it at night. These batteries can hurt the environment unless you dispose of them properly because some of them can leak toxins such as lead and sulfuric acid.

Solar power plants produce more than electricity

Solar energy devices are not likely to harm the environment, but operations and maintenance activities at solar energy facilities could. Focused sun rays at a solar thermal plant could conceivably injure birds. Workers at solar energy facilities must also use and dispose of cleaning compounds carefully to protect the environment as well as the life that lives in it. Finally, concentrating solar power technologies (parabolic trough and power tower) may also generate ample amounts of heat transfer fluids and industrial solid wastes, such as lubricating oils, compressor oils, and hydraulic fluids.

Solar power needs to be implemented now!

There is no time to waste. Climate change is much worse than scientists previously believed and we need to take actions that will make a difference for our environment.  Installing a solar energy system is the most important step a person can take to reduce the pollution caused by our activities.

There has never been a better time to install a solar energy system! For more information relating to going solar, don't forget to visit our solar blog section for more handy guides and articles.

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