DIY Vs. Pay A Contractor

Adrienne SorensenOctober 9, 20183720

DIY Vs. Pay A Contractor

Now it's time to add a panel system to your homes energy system, and you are up for the challenge. However, you should explore the advantages and disadvantages of the installation process vs. hiring a pro. Either way, it's your time for clean energy, but you are wondering how to make the financials work out.


But, with some research, you have decided to buy a solar kit and either take to Youtube for your direction or squeak out some change for an installer. Many approved general, electrical or contractor can install a prefabricated solar kit. If you choose to hire a builder to install your solar kit, you should expect to pay about $1.00 per watt for labor, wire, conduit, fittings, breakers and other miscellaneous electrical elements to complete the solar system installation.


For a 5kW (kilowatt) system, known as 5,000 watts, you can expect to pay $5,000 for installation.

Required Paperwork

When it comes to procuring the permitting and inspections for a solar installation, going the DIY route may incur much more work than expected. For example, if you do install solar panels on your own as a DIY project, remember that you must also gain permits and inspections from both your utility company and your local authority of jurisdiction.


The required paperwork is different in most states and counties. However, companies are starting up now that will do this paperwork for you for approximately $400, or .08 cents per watt. All and all, a complete DIY solar panel installation project will possibly require prices in the range of $2.49 to $2.96 before incentives such as tax rebates, etc.


In contrast to a DIY effort, you might consider that buying a fully installed system might be slightly higher, but more problem free. A system installed by a professional solar company will most likely be looking in the range of $3.10 to $3.40 per watt.

DIY Costs

DIY solar installation can have many drawbacks. Some years ago when solar companies were making more significant gains on the margin, we recommended people look into it, but there are not adequate savings now to justify the hazards. With a DIY project, your house is a one-time job for the installer, so you have to know idea if they are a good installer or not.


You have the additional issue that if ever the material fails that no-one will want to help you. The soundest that you may be able to get is to get a replacement if you organize to take the equipment off your roof yourself and prepare to ship it back to the manufacturer. Another consideration when opting for a DIY or contracted install is how extensive the warranty is.


The fundamental concern is that the warranty on the equipment will not be from the panels kit website you buy from, but from the manufacturer. The manufacturer may not even have an agency in the United States, and although some companies, regardless of location, respond better than others, many are not be arranged up to deal with singular complaints from consumers.


If you go through a reputable solar company that sells and communicates regularly with individual consumers, they are more likely to replace equipment. Working with HahaSmart ensures that you will never need these headaches.

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