About Solar Installation Projects for your Home

Adrienne SorensenOctober 4, 20186160

About Solar Installation Projects for your Home

So many of us are contemplating what time worthy improvements we can make to our homes. We thought it would be good to give you insight in the right direction.


Improving your home is a great way to add value to it. In other words, it’s like investing money into an appreciating asset. Improving your home by switching it to a solar-powered home may be even better.


Adding Value

As most everyone knows, improving your home adds value. When you remodel a kitchen with new countertops and new appliances it adds tremendous value. In most cases, your house will sell for more money, a lot quicker after you update the countertops and appliances that have been there for 20 years.


You also tend to take better care of your house once you make an upgrade to it. Isn't that how it always goes? We are careful with things we spend money on. That's an example of the added value you get from a home improvement.


Home Improvements

So far we’ve talked about home improvements in general, however, not all improvements are created equal. For one, some additions will cost a lot more than others. Another consideration is what emotional connection you’ll have with your new project.


A new kitchen may add $10,000 in value to your home today but will that value remain through 15 years? This is where a solar home improvement comes in. Here are some reasons why installing solar panels is a more compelling home improvement project: Solar power adds the equivalent of $3 to $4 per Watt (depending on where you are located) more value to your residence. Unlike other home improvements, clean power appreciates in value over time. As utility rates goes up, your renewable power system will be worth more because it will keep saving you money over time.


If you consider selling your house, a solar home is more attractive to prospective home buyers. It might be the only residential power source that places money back in your pocket. You’ll pay less for electricity which will, in turn, allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.


There is nothing like developing your own energy to make you aware of how old energy technology pollutes the earth. Clean power provides you the comfort of knowing that you are a part of the solution to an increasing climate issue.


Remodeling a kitchen can cost $15,000 or more once you update everything, but a solar system could cost you about $10,000 after applying the 30 percent Investment Tax Credit for renewable energy projects.

To learn more about how you can improve the value of your home, you can visit HahaSmart and try out our Price Checker Tool yourself. You can not only see how much a solar panel system would cost in your area, but you can see how much you would save in the next 20 years in electricity costs. For information relating to going solar don’t forget to visit our solar blog section for more handy guides and articles.

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