8 Benefits of Community Solar

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8 Benefits of Community Solar

Community solar is when multiple different people all partake in a local solar farm. This means that even if you have no way to put solar energy on your home, you’ll still have access to it through one of these massive farms. It works just like it does if you have panels on your roof - net metering, utility bills, and all - with the only difference being its location. And you can either pay a monthly fee to access the panels, or you can pay for the panels themselves outright, which may entitle you to tax credits and rebates.

Don’t Stress About Your Home

Many people live in apartments or rent their homes and have no way of going solar. But with community solar, that’s no longer an issue. No matter what your living situation is, you can now solar power your life with the help of community solar.

Don’t Stress About Installation

Installing solar panels is a lengthy and stressful process for many people. They also often can’t afford the installation price. However, with a solar farm, the panels are already in place, and you won’t have to even think about the installation of your solar panels.

Don’t Stress About the Cost

Another lengthy and stressful process is coming up with the money to install solar panels. With community solar, you don’t have to do that. You can instead subscribe each month to use a solar panel, instead of outright buying them so that it will save you a ton of money. You won’t have to worry about the ever-rising prices of traditional electricity anymore, and you won’t have to worry about the price of installing panels.

Utility Bills are No Sweat

As mentioned above, your utility bills will no longer be a cause of monthly stress. This is for multiple reasons. While traditional power costs are constantly going up, solar never does. If you are a subscriber to community solar, you also get a discount of anywhere between 5-15% off your bill. And you’ll still be able to try to get tax credits and rebates.

Freedom From Traditional Power

Just like if you installed solar onto your roof, community solar gives you the freedom of stepping away from traditional energy. You no longer have to worry about the market and its fluctuating prices or the limited resource of fossil fuels.

Saving the Planet

By choosing to go with community solar instead of traditional power, you are no longer being an impact on our environment that’s helping cause pollution and the destruction of ecosystems. You can rest easy knowing you’re doing all you can to help our environment.

Helping the Economy

Because of how much job creation is happening because of renewable energy and how many jobs are being lost because of fossil fuels, you’ll also be helping support a local economy. The more people who get on board with solar energy, the more jobs that will need to be created.

Ending Climate Change

Fossil fuels are the top reason for climate change on our planet. Solar energy is our first step to stopping them once and for all. By investing in solar, you’ll be part of the change towards saving our planet and protecting us from the destruction of climate change.

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